Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 310/365

Glasses from Japan, Ken Done earrings, matching Ken Done necklace - found separately! 'A proportioned classic designed by Lemona' vintage dress found in op shop, Lacoste boots, Ken Done tote donated by sister-in-law Susan.

Yes, I found the matching Ken Done earrings to my own necklace (see Day 265/365). A very *good* day, indeed!


Anonymous said...

A rare find must have done a small jig when you found them. That is amazing dedication and an eye for detail when out shopping.

Frances said...

You look so ladylike and proper in this outfit! Love.

Lyndel said...

great look today... well *done

Mr T. said...

You do look like a lady to be respected.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: A small jig? Or did I MC Hammer my way across the room? Fortunately this is a photo blog... so we never really need know! But yes, I was *very pleased*!

Frances: Ladylike? Proper? Shucks, coming from you, what a compliment! xo

Lyndel: Snaps! xo

Mr T: Are you suggesting I don't look like I deserve respect every day?!!! :-)