Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 312/365

Glasses from Japan, Ken Done scarf and Ken Done bag from WKBD Collection, The Look jumper from op shop, vintage belt from UK, David Lawrence skivvy from op shop, Katies dress from op shop, Happy Socks, Campers.

Question: Where do I find myself on this grey Friday, dressed in woolen 1980s *love*?
Answer: Melbourne, of course!

Down in Mexico (as in, south of the border) for the weekend, and that's always Inspiring. Of course, the day is helped with this explosion of colour, which I found last weekend in a Queanbeyan op shop. Got to love 1980s geometry stylin!

Now another question for you, dear reader. Are you the type who always says Done I Know It?! Well don't foget that if you're in Sydney (or willing to travel!), you can publicly proclaim Done I Know It?! as part of the WKBD Charity Trivia Afternoon - it's next Saturday - starting from 2pm. I'd *love* to have you there for some fun, for some 1980s-type-thinking, and to raise money for the Inspiring Social Studio! xo


Lyndel said...

welcome to Melbourne, warm enough today to get away with socks and sandals (ONLY YOU*) I absolutely LOVE the jumper. Wish I could join the Trivia, I'll be thinking of you and sending LJ along in my place!

Anonymous said...

Are you 'dissing' lovely Melbourne by any chance...or are we just a bit sensitive about always being described as grey and inadvertently being compared to Sydney? Melbourne sure won't know what has hit it today with your presence - socks and sandals again?

Susan said...

I bet you got some looks in that outfit!!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: I reckon you'd *rock* at trivia Lyndel... especially when we play the Ken Done game :-)

And ah, yes, socks and sandals AGAIN... Eeeek, I'm becoming obsessed!

Anon: Certainly no dissing at all. I *love* visiting Melbourne and strutting around such a walkable city. As for being compared to Sydney - no way - comparisons like that go nowhere... I mean, you can find Ken Done in both cities so BOTH are rad!! xo

Susan: How did you know? There *was* a lot of craning of heads now that I think about it!!

Frances said...

GOD, I LOVE THIS. I cannot caps lock my love enough. That jumper is something else.

What Ken Be Done? said...

'Caps Lock My Love'

Anyone else think we're onto a good phrase here?!! 1990s song tune? New blog name? Anything!!

Frances, you're a genius! Oh, and plus, I love your fashion eye of course!