Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 314/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, tablecloth worn as scarf (donated by The Captain), Ken Done top (donated by Cousin Christine), new Ken Done cardigan (donated by Cousin Christine), Saba belt, Maglia of Melbourne denim skirt found in Quenabeyan, Fluevogs.

Happy Day to all the Mothers out there, and especially to my own Mum xo xo

It's a small gesture, but I feel like today's outfit is inspired by 1980s 'Mum fashion' :-) I'm sure the skirt, in  particular, was well worn during the 1980s but remained in a Mum's wardrobe for the next two decades; until I picked it up last weekend in the fabbo Queanbeyan op-shops. I just love it! And the new Ken Done for today is another cardigan* favourite* donated this from Cousin Christine. I've worn other versions of this fabric here and here. Have a wonderful Sunday, all xo


Lyndel said...

fantastic outfit today, sorry Melb. couldn't be a bit warmer for you today.

David M said...

I think you're getting "boneheaded" by the lass in black behind you! She must have been jealous at you being able to pull off all that colour!

Amy said...

i'm surprised you're not falling over with all that weight around your neck

birdmonkey said...

Totally my mum's 1980's look. One of her fashion rules was "to always have a denim skirt as they are so practical". I have actually followed her advice as I usually have one but more rock chick than this full skirted number. x

Frances said...

The scarf and the cardi are just lovely.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: The weather is just one part of the appeal of Melbourne, and it allowed me to rug up with all the Ken Done layers!!

David M: Ha, ha! But taking a closer look... I don't know... it kind of also looks like she might be coming over to talk to me ;-) xo xo

Amy: One Has To Suffer For Fashion, You Know!

Birdmonkey: Ah, "full-skirted number" - what a lovely ring that has to it... almost like "high-waisted denim" !! And what *good* fashion advice from Mama Birdmonkey!

Frances: Oh, you're lovely, that's what!!