Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 316/365 (2): All sorted...

Glasses from Japan, vintage hoop earrings from Shag, Dangerfield top (I've owned this since I was about 17!), vintage Ojay pants from op shop, Ken Done jacket (WKBD Collection), Birkenstocks.

Phew! We've got today's post all sorted now; thanks for your *good* patience :-)

And as you can see - despite our momentary technical issues - I'm *pleased as punch* today with this Ken Done vintage jacket. I'm thinking the jacket is 1980s golf-style, with a touch of the gang-colours, and/or that style of American sorority/sports jackets... And no sir-ree, this won't be the last of you see it on me!!


Lyndel said...

oh thank you! well worth the wait, what a Jacket. amazing♥

Anonymous said...

that is special. will it be ebay-ed??

birdmonkey said...

Oh My GOD!!!
Ken Done makes an appearance on Style bubble!

You should send her a link to your project- I am so excited!

plus this is an amazing jacket

Lyndel said...

thanks for that link birdmonkey!.. I see someone has already informed her about *WKBD* but will the Style Bubble have the endurance to last viewing 317 KD outfits? that is the question.

What Ken Be Done? said...

What *fun* to watch our community come together and alert each other when any Ken Done hits the blogs!

Thanks to Milly - and then YOU too Birdmonkey - for posting up about WKBD... just so lovely and supportive.

I think the 'Something Else' stuff is great too... be interesting to see how the 2011 market takes to it.

Glad the jacket pleased... I'm pretty happy with this one... white jackets... mmmm.... :-)