Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 317/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, H&M hoop earrings from Japan, Ken Done scarf (WKBD Collection), Ken Done shirt dress (first worn here), Saba belt, vintage Fletcher Jones tartan skirt from Queanbeyan op shop, Simon de Winter socks, Bally equestrian boots from op shop.

I found another one of these *crazy* marketing Ken Done scarves (the first one worn here). I'm beginning to get quite a passion for them, because they're just so odd. Perhaps a little like my outfit today, yes?!


Lyndel said...

oh great look today.. and I WANT that SCARF!! how cute. Was there anything at all left in the Queanbeyan Op Shop after your visit?? great finds.

Leica said...

That scarf must be like a snapshot from your wardrobe.

....or a snapshot of your mind

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: Ah, Lyndel this is what I *love* about you as a reader - you notice the small things - yes, I did clean out Queanbeyan of my-style gear, but I have a feeling there is much more *gold* in them there hills!! My rule these days in regional op shops is you have to take out all the stuff you like... you just never know when you'll get back... Plus the prices are usually so *Good*

I'm glad you love the scarf too... these promotional ones really are quite fun! xo

Leica: Ha, ha! Hilarious! Both these days!! I really am turning into the 1980s Ken Done marketing department!