Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 319/365: Yesterday's Post Today

Ken Done glasses, Bugi Bugi 1980s vintage woollen dress, Fluevogs, Ken Done tote donated by Cousin Christine.

Well, the four planets of Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter may have perfectly aligned yesterday, but the Blogger platform did not. Nup, we were all unable to post anything for over 24 hours... meaning I've only now been able to put up yesterday's pictures today. So thanks for your patience xo

And this outfit was an example of me finding something completely 1980s which I *wish* Ken Done would have been inspired by for his own 1980s collection: a woollen jumper dress!! Imagine some of the Ken Done classic jumpers I have worn so far - like here and here and here - if they'd been 1980s oversize dresses. Outrageous! Plus this vintage dress is inspiring kitsch with four cats in bow ties! I certainly felt pretty *rad* wearing this oversize gem yesterday...
 My *lucky* black cat, for what was Friday 13!


Lyndel said...

on the planets and Fri.13th turned BlogLand off for 20.5 hours apparently, according to their Newsflash. What a dress to 'almost' miss!!! love love love it♥

Stef said...

Good luck today and enjoy the trivia!

Anonymous said...

thank god you're back.

birdmonkey said...

that dress is too fabulous!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: I know, I just tried to 'Keep Calm and Carry On' over the 20.5 hours! Glad you liked the dress too - it's a doozy! xo

Stef: Thanks lovely and hope to see you down in Melbourne-Land 3 June.

Anon: Everyone can sigh with relief, yes? Then re-adjust their sunglasses - this wool dress is a bright one!! ;-) xo

Birdmonkey: hilarious, right? I just couldn't pass it up! Some pieces of fashion must be tried, for better or for worse!