Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 320/365: 1980s Trivia Saturday!

Pill-box hat from op shop, Ken Done glasses, Social Studio silk necklace, re-purposed doona into *AMAZING* dress made by Jo for WKBD, dress belt worn as scarf, Demonia boots.

1980s Trivia! I'm fully decked out - early Madge style - wearing the truly *spectacular* handiwork of Jo who has made this dress specifically for What Ken Be Done to be sold off at our charity eBay site. I'll let you know when it goes up.

Photos of today up laterz...

And for all the wonderful readers in Melbourne, please Save the Date Friday 3 June - we're going to have some fun down south too!!


Lyndel said...

June 3 OK !!!!!!!!!!!!
you looked terrific today, hope you all had a great time.

Millie said...

Oh wow!! That outfit really pops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo said...

Only you could make that outfit work so fabulously!!

Had a great time at the trivia - well done to you and the LiP!!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Thanks Lyndel, we missed not having you there, but 3 June will be a blast too!

Millie: Pops your eyeballs?!!

Jo: Thanks gorgeous! It was *so* special to have so many wonderful people there in support of WKBD and The Social Studio. AND I did have fun in my frou-frou for sure! xo