Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 321/365: Celebrating in bike pants with $1850 raised!!

Glasses from Japan, Uniqlo skivvy, Anthea Crawford dress as jacket, Miss Shop dress, Ken Done silk scarf from Cousin Christine, Saba belt borrowed from LiP, 1980s bike pants donated by Cousin Christine, Juicy Couture boots.

I'm pretty sure that the 1980s Fashion Rule Book states that after a spectacular charity event, the next day one must celebrate by wearing Ken Done bike pants! Yep, I'm on a high! ...

... Because yesterday an *AMAZING* bunch of about 70 people came together to raise $1850 for The Social Studio. Brilliant! The generosity of everyone was truly spectacular, and my heartfelt thanks go out to you all :-) xo xo

To see some of the highlights of Done I Know It?! Trivia, click here, or on our Ken Done tourists below:
And today, here I am celebrating the support of the people that came together to make trivia a success. Here's me with Arthur and Peter from Molly Coddle Cafe. Arthur's holding his own Ken Done t-shirt which he bought when he first migrated from the Philippines 21 years ago. You see, *Ken Done Love* lasts a long time! Other *great* supporters of Trivia are Yoga To Go, Sarah, Lisa, Tori and the LiP. Hooray for you all! Without your support, I couldn't have done this xo xo


Matthew said...

Raising $1850 excuses those pants.

birdmonkey said...

those Ken Done tourists are amazing! where did they find those t-shirts???
Your outfit is very "Starstruck"- perfect Sydney 80's.

So sorry I couldn't make it - deadlines are pressing in and I did get quiet a bit done. congrats on huge fundraiser!

Sally said...

Our KD 'tourist twins' tops are from a rag bin at Reverse Garbage- two for $1!!!! We had such a great trivia arvo dressing up and playing 80's.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Matthew: Bike Pants Forever! (I'm thinking a bike pants online fashion store is my next venture... more people NEED bike pants for wearing EVERY day, don't you think?!)

Birdmonkey: Oh, we had you there in spirit, Birdmonkey! Thanks for your well wishes, and well *Done* on getting your work done... sticking to deadlines takes determination :-)

Oh yes, we are loving the tourists...

Sally: I think your buy constitutes the MOST amazing Ken Done bargain in WKBD this year. Then you ROCKED the outfit. Well Done!