Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 322/365: Thank *goodness* for dress-ups!

Lafont glasses, handmade earrings, vintage Sussan cardigan, Ken Done t-shirt donated by Sarah, Oroton belt from op shop, vintage Anthea Crawford skirt from op shop, Lacoste boots, Ken Done tote.

Get this *great* story... the t-shirt I'm wearing today comes from a lovely woman called Sarah. Sarah's children go to the same school as my nephews, and Sarah heard about What Ken Be Done through my sister-in-law, Susan. One day, Sarah is down at a holiday house in Portsea (Victoria) and finds this *amazing vintage* Ken Done shirt in the dress-ups box. She remembers our wee little 1980s charity fashion project, and so she ran the top through the washing machine and donated it to our cause. Wonderful!! And can I let people know: pristine condition too! Bless people creating dress-up boxes; I'm pretty sure half my wardrobe has come from them!! :-)

Thanks Sarah for your eagle eye and donating spirit, and thanks Susan for keeping the Ken Done Word out there! xo


Frances said...

This outfit is the best. Love the kitsch cardi, love the blue skirt, love that amazing tshirt. I wish to steal it.

Anonymous said...

Blue is a very sensible colour for a Monday at work.

Lyndel said...

so---- thanks to Sarah and her children you are officially 'Dressed Up' today. Wonderful! great look today, agree with Annon. Blue is Good*

Anonymous said...

That dress up box outfit is excellent - pristine condition you say - perhaps the 1980s look hasn't quite been a popular theme for the children to aspire to just yet. But give them time!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Frances: well with a comment like that, and with your amazing salmon jeans in mind, I just HAD to put the t-shirt up immediately on eBay for our charity donations - stealing is not an option - but perhaps there is another way :-) *good luck*!

Anon: Yes, as you can see, *sensible* was the driving thought for the outfit this day!!

Lyndel:Thanks, lovely. I don't actually feel like a wear that much blue... but the *joy* came from this outfit because I could 'match' blue and black. I always like to re-test those 'silly' fashion rules like no red and pink, no blue and black, etc. Yeay to Sarah!

Anon:Yes, exactly - all these parents keep digging back into the box over the children, saying things like:

"We have a 1980s party to go to - what's in here?" OR

"Oh hold on, maybe that t-shirt really isn't so *bad* - it could work with jeans..." OR

"Now I'm sure I have a Ken Done item in here to give to that crazy lady..."