Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 324/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, Ken Done wood necklace (WKBD Collection), M. Bucci harem pant suit from Perth op shop, Estilo belt, Japonica boots, Ken Done purse (WKBD Collection).

Yes, it's a vintage harem pant-suit! Yes, it's a vintage Ken Done wood necklace. I'm so happy, I could cry with *joy*!


Lyndel said...

oh that necklace, Yummy♥

Anonymous said...


What Ken Be Done? said...

Lyndel: Yes, I think it has quite a bit of charm to it too. I'm really quite liking his jewellery if it wasn't so darn hard to find!

Anon: What can I say? Well, only that I'm *so pleased* I live in a multicultural Australia in which people - in this case from the Indian region - give away their clothes to op shops - then I get to get them and try wearing them in my own style!

This number is a favourite of mine - comfortable, but still achieves a certain level of 'bleeding eyes'!!