Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 325/365: Guess what? It's my birthday!

Glasses from Japan, vintage earrings from op shop, handmade necklace, Uniqlo skivvy, Ken Done re-purposed dress donated and made by Jo to WKBD, Sportscraft belt, vintage jacket, Ken Done socks donated by Cousin Christine, Bertie shoes from the UK, Tatty Devine balloon bag, and balloon bracelet.

Well in a year-long project, this day was bound to come around wasn't it?! Yes, today I turn 33 years old! I'm celebrating in two significant ways. Firstly I'm wearing Ken Done 'Down Under' socks donated by Cousin Christine. You all know how much I *love* the 'Down Under' series, and there's something so cool about these socks because it's not your average KD gear. Yeay for socks!

Secondly, today is the day I've made my own donation to What Ken Be Done? As you know, I pledged $3 a day, so it felt very special with only 40 days to go to donate my own $1095 to The Social Studio. I just *know* how much all our efforts mean to TSS, and money like this directly sets up traineeships for young refugees. So *good*!

Please enjoy your day lovelies... xo
Oh, and one last spin in Jo's amazing Ken Done doona dress - it'll be up on eBay this weekend! See how it's perfect for every occasion and it could be YOURS! :-)


David M said...

What a day. And what an excellent outfit.
Rather than sing you happy birthday, I will dedicate my day-long humming of "Lady In Red" to you.
hmmmmm hmmmm hmmm hmmm
hmmm hmmm hm hmmm never seen you shine so bright
hhmmmm hmmm hmmmm

hmmm hmmmm hmmm
hmmm hmm cheek to cheek

*continue for the next 10 hours*

Have a great day.

Jo said...

A big Happy Birthday kiss to you!!

You are amazing! And you look super cute in the Dorothy inspired outfit - love it all!!

Have a wonderful day

Annie said...

*Good* in every way. I think I can donate my coffee money for a week too.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY You Amazing Thing You!
Hope you have a fabulous day! :-)
You so remind me of Dorothy today ---!
Loads of Love

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself as you tap you way through the day in your Red Dancing Shoes!
Much love,

birdmonkey said...

Happy Birthday!
wishing you a wonderful day, thank you for sharing this year with us

skb said...

Happy birthday Jackie. Today is such an auspicious celebration - not only do you turn a great symmetrical age, 33 or 'dirty knees' as the bingo man would say, but no doubt Dame Nellie Melba is singing you happy birthday somewhere, as she turns 150 today too! Have a very happy day...and enjoy your last 40 days of Done-dom. xx

Lyndel said...

Very Happy Birthday to YOU! Hope it was a fantastic day, you looked great, I love, love, love the red shoes and socks♥ and well done on your donation.

doc said...

happy birthday Jax!!!

Today is definitely one of those days that I would have loved to run into you as this KD day is absolutely HOT!! Not only have you given us all so much fun with your daily outfits but your HUGE donation is simply inspiring. You really are one of those rare gifts, and I am super lucky to have you as a friend.

Big hugs xx

Frances said...

Happy birthday, fellow May baby!

What Ken Be Done? said...

Woo Hoo! I feel like it is such lucky, fun times when I get SO many lovely messages on the day of my birth this year. Thank you so much to each and every one of you for the wonderful notes...

I'm glad the outfit went down well with you all, had I known the bingo 'dirty knees', I may have even added a little scuffing on my own for effect!!

With love, xo