Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 329/365

Vintage Sunski glasses, Sportscraft skivvy, Ken Done t-shirt dress donated by Bec, vintage Just Jeans leather skirt, Jonathan Aston stockings (I think), Fluevogs.

Darling Bec donated this vintage Ken Done Tahiti t-shirt dress to What Ken Be Done? after she paraded it around so *splendidly* at our Trivia. On a Monday morning back at work I like to think of this as a Ken Done transitional piece... getting ready for a busy week, but with enough playfulness to remember there's always a chance for *fun*!

Are you in Melbourne and want to hear more about The Social Studio and What Ken Be Done? Please take a look at our seminar on Friday 3 June from 4-6pm. I'd love you to send it on to your networks too!

And more charity eBay is up - including some SIGNIFICANT *great* pieces. How can you not afford to be part of the WKBD / Ken Done history?!! xo


David M said...

In lieu of a better colour description for your vintage Just Jeans leather skirt, I am going to call it Ken-Done-Tahitian-Skin colour.

p.s. I like that Just Jeans can be "vintage" too.

Millie said...

Again, you always, despite the odds, make it work.

Lyndel said...

great look... JJ vintage.... I'll have to think about that one!

What Ken Be Done? said...

David: What an apt description that is... Have you ever thought about a career in 'reading' people's fashion colours?!

Oh, and anything that is well-made, and has stood the fashion test of 5+ years now seems to be called vintage. I'm happy enough with that theory :-)

Millie: And I even went to an external 'important' meeting in this get up! Thanks for the considered compliment xo

Lyndel: You're great Lyndel, that's what!