Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 330/365

Glasses from Japan, Photios Brothers vintage earrings, Uniqlo skivvy, Ken Done scarf on lean from Anne, Yoshi Jones waistcoat, brooch from YoungBloods Market, Carla Zampatti wool pants, Fluevogs.

Sure, I've been wearing Ken Done for 330 days now (only 35 days to go peeps!), but I think this blog may also prove a useful guide to the many, many ways a person can wear a scarf; like this, and this, and this, in the same KD pattern as today. (Or this, for triple-Done scarf excess!) And today I unveil the the cowl neck-style version!

*Props* go out to three people today: Anne for lending me the Ken Done scarf, Sally for organising Anne to lend the scarf, and Clare for being friends with Sally in the first place (because Anne is Clare's Mum). Confused? How about we just 'Hip, hip. hooray' them all!! xo xo

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Anonymous said...

At least you know whats going on.