Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 332/365: Let's not stop now, we've just broken the $10K mark!

Vintage Sunski glasses, Tatty Devine necklaces, Ben Sherman shirt, Ken Done vest (WKBD Collection), Ken Done skirt, Ojay pants from op shop, Birkenstocks, Destiny Deacon brooch, ring from Iain :-)...

Wow! Round of applause to us all as we've tipped the fundraising total for The Social Studio over $10,000! What an amazing effort!

Let's not stop now, either... there's *so much more good fun* to be had in our last 33 days!! For example, if we raised $15,000 it would create 10 new traineeships for young people at the TSS Collingwood flagship store. And, if we went *Done-Nuts* and raised $30,000 The Social Studio would be able to set up a brand new retail space, giving training and employment opportunities to at least 15 young refugees. Plus we'd be getting *beautiful* sustainable fashion out into new markets!! So please, keep telling your friends, and keep sending out the *good fashion for good* message xo xo

As you do this *good* work, I'll keep showing you some Ken Done gold... like 1980s floral cotton vests!!!!
And my *respectful nod* to mark National Sorry Day by this gorgeous fashion piece: a Destiny Deacon brooch.


Julie-Anne Simons said...

WOW! A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the Done-Nuts and of course the biggest DONE-NUT of all, Jackie. $10000 is a massive achievement. I don't have much spare money but I will follow your lead and give-up my 2 x coffee each day addiction for tomorrow and donate the cash instead. Perhaps maybe we could have a what-ken-be-done-no-coffee-friday and everyone could donate their $3-4 instead. I am sure there will be a fair few coffee headaches by 2pm, but at least we would all be in it together and, as Jackie says doing *good*. Thankyou Jackie and todays outfit could also cause a headache: so many colours and patterns.

Lyndel said...

Oh wow congratulations! well *done

birdmonkey said...

amazing achievement on the 10k

David M said...

Well done Jackie and fellow Done-nuts.
I'm taking a group to The Social Studio for lunch on Saturday, which is very exciting for me.
Maybe some Local Done-Nuts can come as well? 12:30, 128 Smith St Collingwood
I wish I could say "I'll be the one in the Ken Done", but alas I brought none down from Sydney.