Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 333/365: Being *inspired* by 1980s white!

Ken Done glasses, earrings from Japan, Ken Done necklace, vintage white Perri Cutten dress from op shop, vintage Evelyn Neis 1980s Jacket, Ken Done leggings, vintage boots from op shop.

Introducing the 'Being inspired by 1980s fashion' checklist:
-- Shoulder pads? Check.
-- White dress? Check.
-- Batwing jacket? Check.
-- Beading, ribbons and lace applique to jacket? Check.
-- Oversize glasses? Check.
-- Ken Done? Check, check, check!

You too can create your very own 1980s checklist too! So many options! And here's a place to start with the last *essential* item :-) Have a wonderful Friday, dear readers...
Check out this *fantastic* image of Evelyn Neis's fashion from my 1980s Australian fashion bible (by Elina Mackay). Evelyn Neis is so 1980s it almost hurts! Plus she's a South Australian designer, so a shout-out to What Ken Be Done readers in SA xo


birdmonkey said...

amazing outfit today xx

Anonymous said...

Wow, that jacket is truly incredible. Great work do the 'neutral colours' so perfectly well - quite a calm and serene look.

David M said...

The model on the beach seems to have confused Catwalk with Crabwalk

But you, on the otherhand, have not confused a thing.

Anonymous said...

i reckon you are channelling Xanadu, or Princess Leia. I like it.

Lyndel said...

fantastic look... what about the 'Big Hair'? you forgot that little treasure.

What Ken Be Done? said...

Birdmonkey: Thanks for lovin' the look - it certainly felt special to wear! xo

Anon x 1:Glad you like the jacket - it is pretty a bit of a quiet gem... :-)
I also love that you say I look 'calm and serene'; I think I rather startled some Sydney commuters wondering if they got on a train at Central and were heading BACK TO THE 1980S!!

David: Ha, ha! You are a word master, and *good* at the compliments too xo

Anon x 2: Now those are two great cultural references! And makes me wonder why I wasn't wearing roller skates or had two hair buns either :-)

Lyndel: Oh yes! I LOVE BIG hair too... what an omission to almost make. Thank *goodness* we have you here to keep me on track xo