Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 335/365

I've spent the day walking about the Inner West of Sydney looking for a suitable snowfield for my 1980s ski-type attire to look at home in... no luck, I'm afraid.
:-) xo


David M said...

I'm prepared to turn my air conditioner to artic for you.

David M said...

I also hope that we may get a run down of the results from the "Looking Good", "Bleeding Eyes" and "Only You" polls.
Any big surprises?

Anonymous said...

David M. surely bleeding eyes will be in the lead overall.
As for today, Jackie it appears that you have forgotten your pants. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Lyndel said...

don't worry about finding a Sydney snowfield, we 'll have one in Collingwood for you by Friday! I can remember about 30+years ago there was a plastic & 'artificial' snow practice ski run in Rockdale, right on the corner of Station Street near the Railway. Probably hi-rise housing now.