Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 336/365

Ken Done glasses, Photios Brothers vintage earrings, Saba silk skirt suit from op shop (see jacket in third photo), Ken Done t-shirt donated by Sally, school skivvy from op shop, Campers.

Wow, there's something about this combination on camera that even makes me want to tick 'Bleeding Eyes' straight away! I'm trying to convince myself that in person it's not quite so stark... but maybe I should just admit that after 336 days in my pursuit of 'Ken Done and 1980s Aussie fashion' celebration, it really IS having an impact on my brain!!

Also a *lovely* reminder where we first saw the shirts; our stunning Ken Done tourists, Sally and Duncan. Hot! Sally, thanks for yet another donation in support of The Social Studio. I can't wait to be there in person this Friday!
If you're free this Thursday night and in Sydney, I'm talking at the next Pecha Kucha gig. All the details here and I'd *love* to see you there! xo


David M said...

13 entries in the poll and no comments. I believe we call this "collective speechlessness".
Of course, my comment doesn't count because it is reflective analysis, much like your silk suit.

Anonymous said...

newsreader/school uniform/ bad taste / for a good cause