Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Closing Party at The Ken Done Gallery!

What a night we had! What a truly spectacular way to finish up the year! Ken and Judy Done, and their family hosted our party at The Ken Done Gallery down at The Rocks. They really did so much for the event, including this picture-wall featuring each day of my Ken Done year (thanks Kyoko!).

And you know what? The support for The Social Studio just keeps coming! All our friends and supporters donated on the evening and showed solidarity for our *good* purpose.

And you know what else? Even more! The *amazing* news of the evening is that What Ken Be Done is the inaugural grantee from The Slingsby Foundation. They've donated $6,000!! SUPER THANKS to the Foundation, and to David xo xo

Our total has been bumped up and up. We're now so close to being able to support The Social Studio to lease a retail space in which to train more than 15 young refugees in fashion design and retailing. So if you've still been meaning to donate - then please do - every dollar raised will be put to *good* use, I can promise you!

Here also is a bit of a showcase of images from the evening... Please enjoy!
The wall-poster by Kyoko from the Ken Done Gallery...
So we meet again... The Fan and The Guru.
Here's Nicole from The Social Studio up for the party. She's the *genius* that made my skirt, and I was truly so pleased she could come and celebrate!
The champagne bottles were made by The Done Gallery to mark the evening and the end of the project... Gee, how great, *more* photos of me in that Ken Done t-shirt!! ;-) xo
The Ken Done Gals.
(L to R): Janet (KD skirt), Courtney (KD jumpsuit), Susan (KD Dress), The Guru, Me, Raquel a.k.a. Birdmonkey (KD jumper and necklace), Bec (KD dress) and Sally (KD scarf).
Ken Zone Boys
(L to R): Adrik (KD t-shirt and Australis scarf), Iain (KD rugby shirt), The Man, Evan (KD t-shirt), Rob (KD shirt and bag).
My brother, James (KD tie), Susan my sister-in-law, my step-Mum, Sofie (KD scarf) and my Dad (KD scarf).
Alex and Anna from The Social Studio. Woo hoo!!
Carl (KD shirt and scarf), Mr Done, Adrik (KD t-shirt).
Vesna, Janet, Iain, Evan and David (KD hoodie).
Cousin Christine (KD scarf and jewellery), me and Peter (KD tie). We *love* Cousin Christine!
Susan and me in front a photo of *the* painting day, which the Done's generously framed for the party.
James and Bec in matching Ken Done print.
Me and Courtney. Courtney's Ken Done jumpsuit caused quite the *stir* of the evening. Unseen, classic 1980s Ken Done *gold*!!
Rob sporting a Ken Done shirt and satchel. It's truly Sydney business-men style!
The *wonderful* Judy and Ken Done. A BIG thanks to them and their family, as well as all the kind staff for their support xo
Dearest Grace, the founder of The Social Studio. Grace made a lovely speech on the night. She's wearing a Social Studio headscarf and classic Ken Done shirt. We *love* The Social Studio!
Ken also said some *lovely* words on the evening...
Yep, it was a bloody *good* time all round!!

So, dearest fans this is just about your final fix of What Ken Be Done?

There will be just one last post to share the credits of all the many, many people involved in this 365-day dream. So many of you have been involved that I need some time to get it all sorted!! So check back in with us for the final time on next Monday 4 July...

Don't forget either, our WKBD eBay charity sales continue. Your chance to own part of the memories!

xo xo xo
Oh, and of course, Happy Birthday today Ken Done!!


Lyndel said...

OMG I'm in tears, what more can I say but 'you all Done good'

David M said...

It was great fun, Lyndel. I looked out for you, but knew that you were there in spirit.
Thanks for a great night Jackie (and Ken and Family)

Anonymous said...

Ken Zone boys! Love it. Can't wait for their first single LOL!

doc said...

A brilliant night to celebrate a great project. Well DONE Jackie - we are all so proud of your fantastic work! The Social Studio must be stoked!

I am so going to miss WKBD!

Lyndel said...

missing you already !.....

so it's goodbye, farewell, and thanks for all the Fish

(and the Parrots, the Koalas, the Flowers, the Fireworks.......)