Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 338/365: Fireworks and Underpants! OR The Last Month of WKBD!

Glasses from Japan, H&M earrings, David Lawrence skivvy from op shop, Ken Done necklace vintage handmade velour dress from op shop, Paul Smith belt from secondhand store, AMAZING Ken Done silk scarf donated by sister in law Susan, Fluevogs.

It's our last month of What Ken Be Done, so let's enjoy ourselves!

I'm taking my cue from dear Vesna, who happily shows today her *love* of Ken Done underwear. This was a present from her brother, and she was so enamoured owning Ken Done underwear that she has never taken them out the box!

A thanks to Susan too for this *seriously beautiful* KD scarf donation! xo xo


A.Fan said...

Vesna steals the spotlight today. Sorry Jackie you are wheeling out some *good* stuff from your followers.
$20 coming your way now. 10 for Vesna's underpants, and 10 for Kel Knight looka like yesterday.
Keep them coming.

A.Fan said...

make that $25, it felt easier to tick that box!

I'll continue to donate $10 for every photo of a Done fan featured between now and the end of WKBD.

keep them coming people.

Lyndel said...

oh Vesna, love the packaging too♥ Hero! OK I'll be seeing Jackie on Friday.. my pic will be here soon.

Anonymous said...

Is that scarf the same fireworks image as the jumper you had? If so, imagine that outfit as a double combination outfit - it would really go off like a cracker! Cleverly designed outfit today. Great work.