Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 339/365

Ken Done glasses, handmade jewellery, RM Williams shirt from op shop, Ken Done top donated by Cousin Christine, vintage belt from UK, handmade re-purposed doona into skirt by Suzanne Starbuck, Jonathan Aston tights, Fluevogs.

I'm practising saying something briefly and concisely. At Pecha Kucha tonight I only have 20 seconds per slide:
Suzanne Starbuck thank you so much for your *wonderful* Ken Done pastels ra-ra skirt! xo
Today I think I look a lot like a lolly jar.


skb said...

Today I think I'd like to tick the box about the 'crayola crayons explosion' - tha sure is a bright outfit for the second day of winter, and kind of really pretty and feminine too. Good luck with Pecha Kucha. x

Anonymous said...

I never could say no to the contents of the lolly jar :-)