Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 342/365: Away with the birds...

Glasses from Japan, Ken Done scarf, vintage 1980s Forbat pant suit from op shop, Country Road 1980s denim jacket from op shop, Campers, Ken Done purse donated by Taeko and Bridget.

This morning I'm telling my Mum how excited I am to be showcasing this 1980s polyester pant suit combination, especially with it's nature-theme including ducks and butterflies. Mum tells me there is a pond quite nearby and we could take some photos with ducks and geese. Turns out those birds are a little off-put by Ken Done and other 1980s clothing... but we did have a Flock of Seagulls (FoS) happy to hang around. The LiP is quick to point out that's because there was a 1980s band with the same name, so they feel right at home! And boy, was it windy out there... my hair almost looks like the FoS lead-singer!!

Check out today another KD *gem* in the Mum and Bub Koala Print (also seen this year here and here). This purse is donated by Taeko, and my friend Bridget sent it onto What Ken Be Done? Thanks Taeko and Bridget xo xo The seagulls might be keeping their distance, but I *love* it!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you to your mum for the great location shot. I will be thankfull if we never see that outfit again though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie
Catching up in person on Friday night's Melbourne event was fun. The Social Studio is a wonderful space and although your Step-Dad's efforts at show casing some of their wares is a great effort, the design in the remainder of their products were excellent. Your supporters are clearly enthused by your efforts, like Lyndel and your brother and sister in law - they all looked great in their KD gear. Warm wishes on your final 23 days of your expedition, and yes, what donation amount will ensure that today's outfit won't be worn again?

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon x 1: Hooray to My Mum! This outfit truly is a *winner* though! I'm going to have to work out how to show it's glory... perhaps next time not in a wind-trap on a lake!!

Anon x 2: Heya, Melbourne was *great*, thanks for your wonderful feedback! I loved catching up with people in The Social Studio - they looked after us so well on the night! I'm also so happy that people had fun, and that includes people buying some *choice* TSS fashions for the Melbourne winter.

Still, I'm determined not to right-off this pant suit... that'll be my next challenge after some busy and exciting 23 more days... Eeeek!! xo