Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 343/365

Australis scarf donated by Marge, Ken Done glasses, handmade earrings, Uniqlo skivvy, Katies dress from op shop, Kay Attali 1980s polyester shirt from Hampton Vinnies, Columbine stockings, Fluevogs and Ken Done purse from Hampton Salvos.

Melbourne was so much fun! And today I get to show you another reason why: I found myself a genuine Ken Done purse in the Hampton Salvos for only $5.99! I just *love* the gold-plated chain link strap... the whole piece reeks of 1980s! And on the same shopping-strip in Hampton I also picked up this Kay Attali oversize polyester shirt. Take one look at her label and the font used, and you know it's 1980s!!

Happy Monday: it's my fourth last one with What Ken Be Done? ...  xo


Anonymous said...

A nice spot of colour for a monday. Those tights really pop on my screen =-)

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: Ah, 'Popping Colour' on a Monday is always a *good* thing, methinks! xo