Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 346/365: Does big hair keep you warmer?

Ken Done glasses, Ken Done scarf donated by Margie, Ken Done scarf (WKBD Collection), Ken Done kaftan donated by Cousin Christine, belt from op shop, skirt from op shop, Jonathan Aston stockings, Fluevogs, vintage rings.

I've got quite a bit of Ken Done layering going on as the chill hits Sydney. I've also done a Double-Done-scarf-look today. I wish I could say that the inspiration came from the fantastically titled Magic of Scarf Fashion book recently gifted to me by Lyndel in Melbourne... but the truth is I spent the night *loving* the illustrations of the women with their 1980s hairdo's so much, that this morning I couldn't quite recall the book's sage advice on scarf tying!
Today's scarf donated by Margie from Tawoomba (it's silk):
Thanks Margie - how lovely of you! xo

And a similar, but different scarf first worn all the WAY back on Day 13/365 (the polyester kind):


Anonymous said...

Please please please get your haircut like the picture.

birdmonkey said...

Great find Lyndal and Margie.

Lyndel said...

yep, a wonderful book of scarf ideas!! jackie didnt tell you the best bit, it is spiral bound at the top with a little fold out foot to stand it on your dressingtable while you tie your scarf as per the instructions!!!!

Love the silk scarf, thought it was the same as the poly, nice to see them both together. thanks♥

What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon: Gee Wizz, I would love too! But that would require extensions AND then a perm. It seems contemporary hairdressers aren't so into giving perms anymore either... I don't why when they clearly look so *RAD* !

Birdmonkey: Hear, hear; true *gems* these two ladies are xo xo

Lyndel: You should work in scarf-book promotions... that description I think would make us want to go out and all get a copy of this *delightful* 1980s manual!

And yes, the scarf is a true Ken Done classic. xo