Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 348/365: On the day I was a ruler...

Ken Done canteen scarf, handmade earrings, Ken Done silk scarf (WKBD Collection), Ken Done cardigan donated by Cousin Christine, Ken Done ruler worn as belt, vintage Rockmans shorts from op shop, Fluevogs.

Nothing quite says 1980s Australian winter more than fluorescent green shorts and a Punk Koala! Really, what else is there to say??!! (Although, I do think the Ken Done koala might have liked this 1986 classic ruler song!)

Thanks to Bridget and Taeko for the donation. I certainly got some smiles in the city this morning!


Anonymous said...

Speechless, truly speechless - wearing a ruler as a pseudo belt, teamed with black biker boots and a bow in the hair...amazing.

Anonymous said...

yes, speechless.


birdmonkey said...


What Ken Be Done? said...

Anon x 1: When you write the list out like this, it does seem kind of odd doesn't it?! I thought people were smiling at me today because I had brought some colour to winter... now I'm thinking the whole ensemble may have made them giddy, and speechless and therefore only able to smile. Love It!

Anon x 2: Right, so my suspicions above were confirmed!

Birdmonkey: You are talking about the punk koala, right?!! xo