Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 350/365: Suburbia to hang, or suburbia to wear...

Glasses from Japan, Uniqlo skivvy, Ken Done t-shirt donated from Cousin Christine, handmade brooch from architecture models, Amalfi jumpsuit from op shop, vintage belt from op shop, Fluevogs.

When Cousin Christine donated this t-shirt to me for What Ken Be Done I was immediately struck at how similar it is to a painting that the LiP owns, by Australian artist and friend David Lever. As you can see, both pieces show the tightly packed rooftops of suburbia. So how could I not put these two pieces together and recall that famous statement on 1980s Ken Done clothing tags that read, "You can hang a Done on the wall, or on yourself" - just like with these two pieces - I can, and I will, do both!

Speaking of 'Art' in its many forms, check out my friend Lucas below who very kindly modelled for us what he claims is a Ken Done towel. Actually, we all know it's really a Jenny Kee design; but he's made such an effort all the way over there in New York that it deserves a celebration today. Thanks Lucas! We love Jenny Kee too!

And I hope you're all relaxing back on this grey old Monday too. In fact, whilst you're kicking back, please check out the WKBD charity eBay sales... so much Ken Done *gold* to be shared! All money from sales goes directly to The Social Studio. What an opportunity!!


Paul J said...

on many occasions this year, i have thought you were channelling star trek. today is no exception.

Lyndel said...

oh good look. Have to say I think I prefer LiP's painting to the Tshirt. well *done for trying with the towel Lucas, I think JennyKee is just as exciting as KD (but don't tell Jackie that)

David M said...

Very appropriate on the day that Tim and Lizzie win a Tony Award in New York for best costume design for Priscilla that you should be showcasing such GOOD construction-as-fashion and showcasing a rather dashing New Yorker.
Although I don't know if I believe that Lucas is actually a New Yorker - what New York apartment has room to spread a 1980s jumbo towel and still have so much exposed parquetry?!

birdmonkey said...

Go Lucas! I love your comment David.

Lyndal - I can't believe you said you don't like a piece of KD!! What other shocks are in stall for us in the last days??