Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 354/365

Lafont glasses, Ken Done earrings (clip-on, of course!) and necklace, Anthea Crawford 1980s jacket from op shop with Ken Done scarf detail, Ben Sherman shirt, Oroton belt from op shop, Trent Nathan Gallery silk skirt from op sop, Fluevogs, and Ken Done purse (WKBD Collection).

How I *love* a 1980s short-sleeved power jacket! I'm in the office today, so my Friday Inspiration outfit comes from those consistent Australian 1980s fashion greats: Anthea Crawford and Trent Nathan (with a *good* splash of Ken Done, of course!).

With my shoulders a full inch higher, I just know it's going to be a productive day!
From Vogue Australia, September 1986. Now why on earth would this outfit only be produced in Limited Edition?!
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skb said...

Oooh, the matching necklace and earrings that you picked up at different locations get an outing today - very nice!

Lyndel said...

oh that Anthea C jacket is great! Most of what I see of her 1980s clothing is cream with lots of lace/pearls.

Anonymous said...

A powerful outfit indeeed.