Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 355/365: Kids in Australia

(Truth be told, I was dancing around the house to Kim Wilde's Kids in America for the photos today...)
Ken Done glasses, earrings from US, vintage H. Frisch Sydney top from op shop, *wonderful* 1980s skirt made by Ruby out of a Ken Done sheet, Leona Edmiston stockings, Happy Socks, Fluevogs, Ken Done 'Down Under' purse.

I'm feeling pretty damn excited to be in this *rad* home-made 1980s skirt made by Ruby. It was formerly a sheet, and now it's *pure fun*! Ruby, Ally and Birdmonkey: Saturday Cheering for you! xo xo

Birdmonkey helps to explain the *great, great* pictures below:

Ruby also found a Ken Done sheet at a garage sale in Canberra...

Ally is also modelling the skirt made by Ruby and necklace made by birdmonkey. I am so please to see they have heeded my OHS nagging and are wearing closed in shoes!

Ruby in shot with the white skirt is also wearing a t-shirt by Pauline Clack Designs; a designer based in Alice Springs.
I think this signature might be in the running for the prize of the smallest Ken Done signature...

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David M said...

Lovely. Looks like the skirt has excellent twirl factor in the photo of Ally. Well Done!
Reminds me of the scene from Postcards From The Edge: "It twirled up!"

Anonymous said...

What a confusion of colours.