Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 356/365: The last bike pants... (sniff, sob)...

Glasses from Japan, Ken Done cardigan donated by Cousin Christine (first worn Day 314/365), Ken Done bike pants donated by Cousin Christine, Birkenstocks.

It's with a certain sadness that I share the last Ken Done bike pants donated so generously by Cousin Christine. I could, quite seriously, happily wear more of The Guru's 1980s bike pants for years and years and years... especially if I could keep matching the Ken Done patterns too!

But from sadness to *deep* joy: a big shout out to everyone in these final few days for showing your support financially to What Ken Be Done? I hope you, dear reader, are seeing that our total every day is creeping closer and closer to $15,000. Amazing! Every dollar you donate is getting us there, and I'm so *grateful* for your support to The Social Studio xo

And to make your own Sunday even that little bit better, check out below the Ken Done bike pants models from his 'Summer 1988' Collection. My heroes...

With only 9 days to go:
Help raise money by visiting the What Ken Be Done charity eBay store (Ken Done items uploaded everyday until we end)... First round of the auctions finish tonight!
Securely Donate money to support The Social Studio here
Share the news, and tell all your friends about our aim to raise $15,000 to secure 10 new traineeships for young refugees. How *good* !


Lyndel said...

OMG that 2nd model has matching shoes?!♥♥

Anonymous said...

The bike pants save this outfit.