Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 359/365

Hat with button decoration by me, Sussan skivvy from op shop, Diane Fries skirt as dress, Estilo belt, Ken Done fireworks scarf (WKBD Collection), Ken Done leggings donated by Cousin Christine (worn here), Lacoste boots, ring from Iain.

This evening I'm off to the city to have a bit of a chat about What Ken Be Done with some creative advertising people. Given that I'm going to a work address basically under the Harbour Bridge, I thought I'd bring my own map in the form of this Ken Done scarf. It seems pretty straight forward to me: just follow the fireworks!

And speaking of fireworks and all things partying, check out the photos below of Louise and a certain familiar Ken Done t-shirt.

Yep, this Ken Done gem has now been worn FOUR times by me, Sarah's Dad, Susan and then Louise. Apparently Susan's own Ken Done collection is growing in knowledge down in Melbourne, so Louise asked for a borrow! Thanks Louise, and thanks Susan! xo
Like the look of the scarf? Well the silk version is up on WKBD charity eBay site tonight for our cause!
And let a lesson be learned in seeing this last photo: Being possessed by the power of Ken Done is not a myth, it happens to all of us who don on The Done! 
With only 6 days to go:
Help raise money by visiting the What Ken Be Done charity eBay store (Ken Done items uploaded everyday until we end)...
Securely Donate money to support The Social Studio here
Share the news, and tell all your friends about our aim to raise $15,000 to secure 10 new traineeships for young refugees. How *good* !


Lyndel said...

looking good!! great idea to take the Scarf Map.. after all in the 1980s we didnt have a GPS so we had to rely on Ken's Maps♥

That top of Susan's looks better every time it gets an outing! Love the colour matched gloves.

Anonymous said...

it's all class today

Anonymous said...

Being possessed by Done, I love it!! Great sharing Louise. That shirt is certainly developing a personality of it's own. It has a better social life than I do I reckon. Great work again today with your look Jackie.

tim said...

Thank you so much for coming to Mojo today, your campaign is doing so much good and it was very entertaining to hear you speak (for the 2nd time). I posted a very blurry iPhone photo of it here