Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 361/365: 1980s Aussie Japara!

Glasses from Japan, 'Sandra Fainthorne Design' japara jacket for Morrisons Australia, Ken Done wool shirt donated by Birdmonkey, Miss Shop dress from op shop, Uniqlo leggings, Fluevogs, Ken Done tote.

Even I can hardly believe I'm wearing this japara! Talk about authentic Australiana kitsch! This jacket was sold to me as genuine Ken Done, but unfortunately it's not. I think you can see why the person sold it as Ken Done though; all that colour on a quintessential Aussie bush-ranger-type fashion item is just about shorthand for The Guru's kind of style... and what a Bleeding Eyes High Point for my last-ever Ken Done Inspiration Friday...

Also, because we were in the area, we stopped by 17 Thurlow Street, Redfern. It's the old Ken Done warehouse where the empire was run from for years. I think you can see Ken's hand has been here with the yellow number.
Now because we're so close to the end, I just had to make sure I still gave you some new Ken Done today as well. So here is the beloved collection of Miranda. She recently got in touch with me, and here's her story, which as you'll see, works very well for closing our *inspiring* Fridays:

I live in Perth and started working for Ken Done back in the 1990's. I have always found him to be extremely inspirational so I am not at all surprised that it has been this Australian Artist who has been your inspiration!

I used to own copious amounts of KD gear as it was part of our uniform. I think I would have worn something 'Done' for at least 5 out of 7 days a week for about 9 years! And when I read your blog there are so many items that you wear that I used to own!

I wanted to share with you my favourite items that I still own.  I still wear the 'Sydney' socks and the 'Portraits' silk shirt.  Haven't worn the 'Cabin' jacket for years but cannot part with it!

Thanks Miranda for sharing. I too completely understand all to well the difficultly there is in parting with Ken Done *gold* !
With only 4 days to go:
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Anonymous said...

i came to comment on the jacket, which is pretty special....but I am now compelled to add that the word verification is 'foxse'
How appropriate, you foxy lady ;-P

Lyndel said...

Jackie you looked very Inspirational today..♥
and Miranda, thank You for sharing. I too love the Cabin

birdmonkey said...

our last Friday! what are we going to do next Friday? I'm not sure I can go op shopping without looking for KD.
Still sewing one last necklace- I hope to finish it by Sunday
my word verification is benon.. next wednesday we will be non done