Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 365/365: They said you'd never make it, with your colourful ideas...

Crimped hair by David at Bedrock! Ken Done glasses, earrings from Japan,Uniqlo skivvy, Pumpkin Patch bolero from op shop with Howard Arkley brooches, Ken Done fabric into *amazing* necklace by Birdmonkey, Estilio belt, The Social Studio ra-ra skirt from Ken Done curtains, pillowcases and other fabric, Ken Done socks donated by Cousin Christine, my new Fluevogs, NY ring from Iain, vintage bangles, and Ken Done tote donated by Cousin Christine.

Gasp! Gush! Eeek! I've made it! You've helped me!
Look at how much *GOOD* work we have Done!
Presenting The Mother of All Ra-Ra skirts made by the *amazing* Nicole and Anna at The Social Studio. Here's what it looked like in the making:
And here's the SPECTACULAR detail:
I. Love. This. Skirt. I. Love. The. Social. Studio.

Now check out too, this *wonderful* handmade necklace by Birdmonkey. Is there anything this artist can't do?!
The socks because they make me happy...
The Tote, because we are 'Done'.
And finally, my genuine Ken Done $1 dollar coin. My Dad gave this to me. And see my smile? That's because look to your right just how much you've helped me to raise!!

Take a bow, dear readers, I owe you all a HUGE amount of thanks xo xo
Last photos tomorrow of our celebration party being hosted by Mr Ken Done himself this evening...

On our LAST day:
Help raise money by visiting the What Ken Be Done charity eBay store
Securely Donate money to support The Social Studio here
How *good* !


Frances said...

CONGRATULATIONS! $16,000 is a massive achievement, well done.

I'm a bit sad I found your blog rather late into your year (after I saw the SMH story on you), because it's one of my favourites. I hope you keep this blog going in some form or another.

Enjoy your party!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Jacks,
CONGRATULATIONS for giving us all something to look forward to each day for the past 365 days!! What an achievement!! Your blog has been fun, inspirational and quirky - a bit like you really!!
Enjoy your final evening. I'm sure it will be memorable for everyone!!
Love always, M

birdmonkey said...

So amazing! I love this outfit- that skirt is stupendous! I love The Social Studio too. What a great cause to dedicate to your fantastic project and a year of your life.

I can't believe I wont get up in the morning and see what you are wearing. And I'll miss reading everyones comments. Till next time!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Jackie,

We're so proud of you! Well done on getting through the year and for everything you have achieved. It's really highlighted the creativity, persistance and caring (not to mention unique style) we love you for!

And what a great outfit to finish on...

Enjoy tonight, we're sorry we can't be there to celebrate with you.

Love Mia, Lucy, Charles and Sonja

Lyndel said...

Dearest Jackie, and LiP, ... thank you both for a year of smiles.
Congratulations on your wonderful achievement... what a task you set yourself, and what dedication from both of you to carry it out, THANK YOU♥ ~ Lyndel x

birdmonkey said...

I was great meeting some many people who have supported Jackie at the closing tonight. I missed you though Lyndal!

Well done Jackie, the amazing LiP and thanks again to the KD gang for getting behind this joyous project!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie for giving me one last outfit to tick bleeding eyes for. It may not be my style, but I cannot fault your style. She is a Lady!

Anonymous said...

wow! congrats on the 16,000! and i love love love the skirt! are you keeping that one or auctioning it?

Stef said...

CONGRATS!!!!! on a colourful job well *Done*! and $16,000....just thinking about all those traineeships makes my smile really big :-)) Thank you for doing *good* in the world! All the best and what's next?!?

Anonymous said...

Clicked on today and you're not there...............So sad. Missing you in my world already.