Get Involved

Please get involved... this project relies on you too. 
Fashion this *good* should be shared!

1. Donate money
All the money you donate will go directly to supporting The Social Studio who work with young people from refugee backgrounds living in Melbourne, Australia. These young people develop their self-esteem, skills and employment prospects using fashion design as a starting point. Make a secure online tax deductible donation to The Social Studio using either PayPal or the Australian charity donation site, GiveNow. Click here.

2. Donate Ken Done pieces for me to wear

I need your help to fill 365 days with Ken Done's fashion! (or any other *inspired* 1980s Australian fashion)... Send your Ken Done pieces to:
          What Ken Be Done?
          PO Box 332
          Westgate NSW 2048

All donated goods will be featured on this site, and then sold via Ebay to raise money for The Social Studio. Check back here regularly for auction details ... auctions are set to begin in October 2010.

3. Send in your own photos of *good* Ken Done fashion
Email your own photo wearing Ken Done fashion in a new and exciting way! Or send in a photo of you wearing Ken in the 1980s! Every day we will post the most inspired Ken Done outfit. What a chance to share the love!

4. Share this with your friends!
Help me spread the word... Fashion this *good* should be shared!