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Tatty Devine Love this project - Jackie Ruddock is wearing clothes by 80s fashion icon Ken Done every day for a year, to raise money for The Social Studio. She often accessorizes with Tatty Devine, and we think it looks great with Ken's colourful prints! Go Jackie!
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Can she do 365 days of Ken Done?
“I want to use any means that are necessary to communicate to people what I feel about things.” Renowned Sydney Artist Ken Done
Inspired by Ken Done’s quote, 32 year old Sydney-sider Jackie Ruddock has pledged to wear Ken Done’s colourful 1980s fashion for 365 days, to raise money for the Melbourne-based charity, The Social Studio. Her 365-day photo diary, 'Good Fashion for Good', was launched on Ken Done’s 70th birthday on 29 June 2010.
Jackie is a dedicated op-shopper and an avid collector of 1980s Australian fashion. ‘Good Fashion for Good’ is designed to combine her love of Australian fashion with a mission to raise money for the charity, The Social Studio. The charity works with young refugees living in Melbourne. These refugees, mostly from African countries, develop their self-esteem, skills and job prospects using fashion design as a starting point.
‘Good Fashion for Good’ is supported by Jackie’s fans, who are asked to donate money, or Ken Done clothing, which will be auctioned at the end of the project.  Every dollar raised goes directly to The Social Studio. Jackie is hoping to raise as much support for this fledgling charity as possible.
Grace McQuilten, CEO of The Social Studio says, “'Good Fashion for Good' is a perfect marriage of the creative and entertaining aspects of fashion, united with the goal to create meaningful social impact. The Social Studio is at a critical point in its development, and this fundraising effort will go a long way to helping us achieve our vision.”
As a child Jackie’s family migrated from South Africa.  Relishing the opportunities granted by Australia, she has gone on to make her own career in the charitable sector. Having arrived in Australia in 1982, Jackie was struck by the use of colour by Australian designers like Ken Done. What started as a love of colour has turned into a passion for 1980s Australian fashion and kitsch.
Jackie says, “Fundamentally I think Australian’s believe in ‘pitching in’ to make a difference in our communities. We also like having a laugh. My project is a way for those people who love good fashion and who want to do good, to come together. People often love, or ‘love to hate’ Ken Done. So many people can remember his designs in the 1980s. All that colour! Well many African communities use colour like this too, so I figured, why not just go out there and wear all his clothes in a fresh and fun way to raise money for a great new charity that needs support?  The Social Studio’s future is not secured, and this fundraising will directly help the longevity of their work.  Plus it’s so easy to be part of the fun: donate money, donate Done or send in a photo, and keep checking out the fashion!”
And what does Ken Done himself think of the project?  He “loves” the idea and says, “I think this initiative is a wonderful idea, and a great challenge, and I look forward to meeting Jackie one day. We will see if we can find some unique pieces that may not have been seen by the public for her collection.”
For more details contact:
Jackie Ruddock