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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 27/365

What am I doing out so late on a Sunday night, hey missy? Well, there was Vanessa's birthday and then onto swinging at The Victoria Room. It was all about wearing my beloved red cape (thanks Maman), my heart white boots and the white Ken Done clutch... Star Trek, Secretary Gone Wrong - you tell me...

To top it off while swinging at the Victoria Room, a friend Kate offered me more Done to showcase. Happy week ahead to all...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 18/365 (2)

The *great* thing about a daily blog is when you see GOLD you are ready to go. Please explain?

Well, we're in Perth and if you find yourself in this town the one place you must go is the Hula Bula Bar. Yes, my partner is absolutely nutso for Hawaiiana and Tiki style, but I dare anyone not to love this joint. Take for example me next to the 'Tiki inspired' carving of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Royalty meets: Tiki meets: 1980s meets: Ken Done. I mean, who doesn't win out of this?!

Day 18/365

Ready to Reappropriate*?! It's 'Inspired by Ken Done' Friday and I'm taking back Ken Done style, not to mention pictures of naked ladies with lions for the *good* of us all! Here I am at Jim's Hairstylist for Men in Shafto Lane, Perth. Jim supplied the decor, I supplied the vintage Katies shirt - truly an inspired Ken Done-esque piece.

(*Reappropriate means to reclaim back something that is usually designed to make you feel 'bad,' or out of place.)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 16/365

Minor crisis just averted. At airport again, and after taking the shots of the day, I realised there was no cord from camera to computer. What to do? Fortunately, as a Mac user from way back I switched to my phone and there is still an image to post. It's a little bit 'Vaseline lens style,' but that works for me.

Item of today is the KD LBB. Ken Done Little Black Bag. Perfect for travel to hold all my jewellery as I pass through the metal detectors. Well paired with the larger KD travel kit bag showcased earlier. (And yes, I have more!)

Also today I am showcasing a *rad* Australian 1980s shirt by Emu Productions. Olive green, wide shoulders, and it actually says 'One size fits all' ... how it fits, or how good it might look is clearly up for grabs.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 10/365

Time to travel. And when it comes to 'being on the move,' Ken Done has perfected the PVC travel tote. Where am I going? Will they have Ken Done? You'll have to wait until tomorrow!

Here's the story behind this travel tote. Last weekend I was Ken Done hunting, and this baby was buried in a basket in a Northern Sydney op shop. From afar I spotted it, and looked closely for that signature that has become so common in my life. In a rare case, there is only one spot on the whole tote with the beginnings of Mr Done's signature... luckily my eyes are now well-attuned to spotting that distinctive squiggle from a 100 metres away! Victory!