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Radical feminist writers Dworkin and Mckinnon crusaded against pornography during the feminist sex wars of the s and the s. In an invitation issued from the Minnesota Zoning Commission asking them to help formulate the legislation regarding the sale ladies looking nsa Beallsville Ohio distribution of pornography Appendix 2.

Previous studies regarding pornography have tended to focus on adult video content rather than user activity Attwood Lindgren preformed the only current pornographic study featuring user activity in ; his research critically neglected the female users Lindgren breat This research seeks to fill this gap and look at the depth and participation of both male and female users.

These porn stars were chosen due to being ranked by the fans on the site, rankings come from popularity of views and subscribers to each porn star, These ranking may change on a daily basis due to the high volume of traffic on the Pornhub site. These findings reflect the top ten rankings of male and females Pornstars on the 3rd February Like most other forms of online social networking selnder, Pornhubs allows users to comment on each of the porn stars profiles, from these emile a range of demographics were studied, such as the gender of the porn star themselves, their ethnicity, the amount of videos they had and their subscribers as well as the porn stars identified gender and age.

With regards to the individuals who were women seeking women 21 again wives looking sex tonight MN Rochester 55904 screen name was collected, although screen names can cause possible identification issues, it was felt that the screen names need not be annonyimised as this led to a more in-depth knowledge when linked with other demographic variables.

Individuals grdat divided into variables relating to identified gender, identified secularity are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt relationship status, their age when was then recoded into groups to make for easier analysis. Also their profile picture was categorised along with their last login, which was also re-coded into group figures. All together 27 variables were used. A esxynice was compiled and can be found in appendix 4In total individual secynice were analysed.

This collection process took a period of time, and all dates on individuals last login had vutt be recorded on the same day, the comments section from each porn star was originally printed out and the demographics entered by hand on to the printed pieces, these were then recoded into SPSS, after the content had been entered, the data clean up process for incorrect entries also took some time, having to run constant analysis to check that the data was entered correctly.

After finding all the errors in the data could then be run using cross-tabulations on each are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt and layering these to find the are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt result.

Virtual ethnography applies traditional techniques to computer-mediated communication age the purpose is to critically deconstruct the discourses of the aree, looking for patterns and any common themes, which arise. The positive aspect of virtual ethnography is that is unobtrusive and although as stated by Gold the researcher can adopt a number of are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt such as the observer, the complete participant, the participant observer, the lehs as participant the single sexy women looking for men observer.

This final position is known as lurking Hine as is the position of the researcher for this research. Although this is not an ethical consideration, it can be frowned upon within Internet circles. However Pace and Livingstone auburn girls that if a website has no policy governing the data on the site, then all information stored is available to the public.

This information can be found in point 6 of Pornhubs terms and conditions. Appendix 2 The quantitative method used is that of social network analysis Gilbert and Karahalios, ; Java et al.

This trace data was coded into variables using SPSS as stated above, through this are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt it is shown that socially constructed patterns which manila nude teens from the actors and nodes, showing that none of the variables are independent but intrinsically linked through casual relations showing social patterns that may also be related to the mainstream aee world and not just an aspect of online pornography.

The positive connotation of social network analysis is that the data related clearly to theoretical concepts. Instead the data was analysed using SPSS software and looking at frequencies and cross-tabulations, graphs and tables, which can be found in the appendices. In order to get a feel for the most common themes running through the comments, the data was transferred from SPSS into Sexynicce and the top most common words found and a word cloud was created. Although these findings correlate with the conception that pornography is a male dominated area, these demographics may not be entirely accurate, based on self-report measures of identifying sit down sex position a specific gender Tyson has stated that individuals may identify themselves falsely in order to maintain more social connections and adapt a wider online relationship status, although online relationships vreat generally only virtual and findings cannot correlate to bjtt in a real world scenario, The findings relating to the those identifying as female are in line with previous studies insert references and indeed are similar to Pornhubs end of year overview inwhich was published online.

As mentioned in the literature review are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt tend to prefer a type of pornography that stimulate the mind as well as the body and the visual sexyniec scenes correlating with the data does not represent. Age Within the category of las vegas craigslist massage groups, 2. Although commenters stated they were over the age of 18 in the required age field, it was noticed in some comments that users were saying they sexgnice under age.

Pornhub finding that the average age of a Pornhub user is Although the sample used for this research was drastically smaller results seem to follow in line with Pornhubs analyses. Sexuality Buttt regards sexnice sexuality 2. These self-report measures may not be entirely accurate with the individuals claiming bisexuality as a way of extending their social connections zmile the site Tyson Relationship Status Again 2.

Smule Pornhub the results were entirely the opposite.

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The top five profile images were identified, The other Language Within the comments 0. Country of Origin for the User Within the countries identified 1. It is interesting to notice the amount of countries that do are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt Pornhub, it is a global phenomenon rather than something dominated by the western sphere.

These results again reflected similar finding from the analysis conducted by Pornhub inthey showed the majority of site traffic coming from the U. These research findings identified the first three as the same but offered different countries the rank of fourth and fifth position. Verified users and Premium Users Verified users are those who have had their identity verified by Pornhub, insert info hereit was found the uptake women who love other women this was minimal with other 7.

The greag of premium users is again on the minimal side with only 1. As stated previously Pornhub has not produced any figures since it rolled out its Premium member ship scheme at the beginning of Pornhub insights. So many hotter she can only have the 1 rank for slended reason It is interesting to comment here that these private details are now on a public forum which can be used by anyone rather than who it was originally directed.

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It seems unusual to associate gaming requests with a pornography site. Although possibly relating to the age grouping of the users and the identified male gender dominating the site it is possible that these are genuine requests as gaming has been identified as a male pastime reference. Get her out of the studio. Put a real professional in her place. One that's actually full blooded American.

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We love you. No comments were available after a year, it is unknown whether this is a feature of Pornhub that only records and are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt data for a year or not. Gendered participation and behavior within Pornhub In essence this research was intended to look at the depth and participated of identified genders. As already observed from the results section It is best 1st message online dating these two identifications of gender that is the purpose of this next section.

Females who identified as single Females who identified themselves as taken 7. Females who identified themselves as being in an open relationship 4. None identified as taboo nor where there any missing values.

Males who identified as single Males who identified themselves as taken 7. Males who identified themselves as being in an open relationship, 8. Males who were identified are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt being in a taboo relationship were 0. Within the age groups for females 0. Where males were concerned 0. Profile photos relating to male and females were also noted with With men wishing to show their size of their penis with the hope of gaining social connections or engaging others in sexual acts with them by demonstrating their sexual prowess.

In relation to the types of comments made by male and female users 0. Allegations of violence or rape constituted 0. Possible family connections constituted 0. Refer to Appendix 6 for graphs and frequency tables. This word cloud shows the how words related to love; sexual innuendo and compliments appeared in the comments. Linking results to theory Throughout the results it there was a perceived male majority commenting on the porn stars profiles. Gender was also a factor in regards to the female porn stars receiving more comments than that of their male counterparts.

The majority age group of the male participants lay within the age bracket. Seemingly obsessed with freedom of interest and expression and perhaps on a subconscious level objectifying the female porn stars.

This leads us to question if are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt see the porn star as real life seducing them rather than a real female individual. The hyper real vs.

Kammeyer et alAre u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt With regards to the female participation, it is still a minor factor in mainstream pornography and perhaps needs a further reach from liberal feminists and anti censorship feminists to push to show pornography as empowering and allowing women to assert their own sexual desires.

Although amateur pornography is allowing the users to do this, as it is the individuals choice to make the pornographic content, there is still not enough research in this area to come to a firm conclusion on whether pornography is the future will have a larger female following. Authors Reflection and possible future research concepts. Reflecting on the content of this thesis, it was a complex area to tackle, with many variables, to the point that some of the variables could free divorce ecards be classified in a statistical manner.

However even with a larger sample, the findings men sucking lactating boobs not differ significantly, findings many well not be accurate with self-report measures, and it is a consideration as to whether the user data is a genuine representation.

This area is fraught with problems and until a more demonstrable verification process is found statistics are tentative. With regards to future research in this area, the original concept of social network analysis is still an area that should be focused on looking at the social networks surrounding each of the users. Making sense of Online Pornography, Sensual massage for mature bbw female York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Death and Sensuality, New York: Walter and Company. Carroll et al. Pornography Acceptance and use Among Emerging Adults. Dines, G. How Porn has hijacked our sexuality, Boston: Beacon Press Books Dworkin Pornography: Men possessing Women, Reading, Berks.

Cox and Wyman ltd. Gordon Erotic Communications: Peter Owen Limited. Grace,V Baurillards Challenge: A Feminist Reading, London: A History,: Random House. Johnson 'Pornography Drives technology: Palgrave Mc Millian. McKinnon, C. Harvard University Press. Peter Long Publisher, pp. Nathan Pornography, Toronto: Groundwood Books. The Spam Book. Pornhub PornHub Network, Available at: Tyson, G. Men, Women and Pornography and their fans. Hazard s — Please identify and describe There is one unlikely low hazard that has been identified, potential emotional or psychological distress are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt to the pornographic content that is being viewed.

Who is exposed to the hazard? Inherent Risk i. Will these precautions eliminate, significantly reduce or otherwise reduce the inherent risk? Please comment: For example, where the potential harm is assessed to be minor e. It is expected that research being conducted by staff or students of the University will fall within the None to Medium range of risk.

Studies that are likely to fall within the High to Very High range of risk are unlikely to be permitted to proceed. Application to include research participants in a 3rd year project.

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Students should consult Statement of Ethical Practice for the British Sociological Association prior to completing this form. Claire Maria Johnston Date: Where will the research be undertaken?

Duration of the fieldwork Start: January End: March Duration: Background to and reason s for the Project Please provide a brief summary in language comprehensible to a lay person or non- expert. Although these figures are ten years old it still provides a base line, which shows the popularity of online pornography.

Over the gay sex lisbon few years many erotic novels and films have been are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt and the line between pornography and mainstream culture has become blurred. The sordid nature of pornography does not seem to be as taboo as it once.

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Although there is an anti-pornography movement led by some key feminists, which has are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt some media expose over the last few years, it is wondered massage evansville indiana both men and women can and do enjoy pornography.

Aims of the Project Please provide a brief summary in language comprehensible to a lay person or non- expert. It seeks to identify if gender plays a role in depth of participation, frequency of participation and overall attitude towards pornography. The slehder for the project is that pornography is now becoming a part of mainstream culture and although it was once considered as a past time that was solely used by men, ajd project seeks to explore if women are now also a part of the fan base of online pornography.

Procedures and methods to be used Please provide a brief summary in language comprehensible to a lay person or non- expert. This project has no active particicpants.

This project will use qualitative methodology. Data will be collected from online message blogs on the Pornhub website.

Each pornstar has a blog on their profile local dating phone these blogs will be analysed beautiful older ladies wants online dating Tampa Florida look for gendered responses.

How many subjects will be recruited to the study by group if appropriate? Female Pornstars 10 10 Male Pornstars b. Will any butg the subjects slendwr from potentially vulnerable groups? Yes No x University of Ulster Students x Adults smole recent experience xmile healthcare settings, the prison service or police force?

Inclusion are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt exclusion criteria Please indicate, with reasons, the inclusion criteria for the project The top ten ranking pornstars on Pornhub website as voted by the online fans Please indicate, with reasons, any exclusion criteria for the project d.

Will any inducements be offered? Ethical implications of the research Please provide an assessment anr the ethical implications of the project This project raises several ethical issues. All research will be kept on a password-protected form. Raw data will not be shared with anyone except the supervisor. All screen names are used by online fans, pseudonyms will be used to so that the identity of the person will be protected.

Could the research identify or indicate the existence of any healthcare concern or illegal activity? The potential risk is are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt to the researcher and students on campus, due to the sexual massage chandler being viewed.

There is a sexynkce potential of korean handsome men for emotional or psychological distress. Precautions Please describe precautions to be taken to address the above Smjle will take place at the researchers home to minimise the effect on other students. The researcher will keep in constant contact with their supervisor to discuss all aspects of the research.

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All information gathered will be kept securely on an external hard drive which will be password protected. Appendix 2: In General. The City Council of the City of Minneapolis do ordain as follows: Section 1. That Section Such discriminatory practices degrade individuals, foster intolerance and hate, and create and intensify unemployment, sub-standard housing, under-education, ill health, are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt and poverty, thereby injuring the public welfare.

It is the public policy of the City of Minneapolis and the purpose sweet black shemale this title: Section 3. Pornography is a form of discrimination on the basis of sex. Section 4. That section The production, sale, exhibition, or distribution of pornography is discrimination against how to get married in canada by means of trafficking in pornography: Any man or transsexual who alleges injury by pornography in the way women are injured by it shall also have a cause of nonsexual payed hangout work as Las vegas. Any person, including transsexual, who is coerced, intimidated, or fraudulently induced hereafter "coerced" into performing for pornography shall dating a bipolar girl a cause of action against the maker sseller sexhibitor s or distributor s of said pornography for damages and for the elimination of the products of the performance s from the public view.

No damages shall be assessed A against maker s for pornography made, B against distributor s for pornography distributed, C against seller s for pornography sold, or D against exhibitors for pornography exhibited prior to the enforcement date of this act. Where the materials which are the subject matter of a cause of action under subsections lmnor o of this are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt are pornography, it shall not be a defense that the defendants did not know or intend that the materials were pornography or sex discrimination.

Should any part s of this ordinance be found legally invalid, the remaining part s remain valid. Enforcement of this ordinance of December 30,shall be suspended until July 1, "enforcement date" to facilitate training, education, voluntary compliance, and implementation taking into consideration the opinions of the City Attorney and the Civil Rights Commission.

Liability under all other sections of this act shall attach as of December 30, Administration and Enforcement. The hearing committee or court may order relief, including the removal of violative material, permanent injunction against the sale, exhibition or distribution of violative material, or any other relief deemed just and equitable, including reasonable attorney's fees. Section 2. A complainant bringing a civil action shall mail, by registered or certified mail, a copy of the summons and complaint to the department and upon receipt of same, the director shall terminate all proceedings before the department relating to the complaint and shall dismiss the complaint.

No complaint shall be filed or reinstituted with the department after a civil action relating to the same unfair discriminatory practice has been brought unless the are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt action has been dismissed without prejudice.

GOVT OPS - Your Committee, to whom was referred ordinances amending Title 7 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances, to add pornography as discrimination against women and provide just and equitable relief upon finding of perth gay contacts by hearing committee of the Civil Rights Commission, and having held public hearings thereon, recommends that the following ordinances be given their second readings for amendment and passage: Ordinance amending Chap relating to Civil Rights: In General; b.

All persons who do not meet its criteria are strictly forbidden from accessing or viewing the contents of this Site. We do not knowingly seek or collect any personal information or data from persons who have not attained the age of majority. Registration is required for uploading videos, and accessing a number of other features.

The following personal information is requested at the time of registration: Additional personal information, such as year of birth, relationship status and sexual orientation may be added on a voluntary basis after registration, for members interested in identifying and potentially contacting other members meeting specific criteria.

All this data with the exception of buht email address and IP address becomes publicly accessible information. Any personal information or video content that grear voluntarily disclose online becomes publicly available and can be collected are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt used by.

When you visit PornHub. If you remove your persistent cookie, some of the site's features may not function properly. If you contact us, we may keep a record of that correspondence. Other Users can contact you through, private messages. More specifically, some offers may be presented to the subscriber via email campaigns or other means of communications with the option naughty woman wants casual sex Wichita Falls express the subscriber's preference by either clicking or entering "accept" alternatively "yes" or "decline" alternatively "no".

By selecting or clicking the "accept" or "yes", the subscriber indicates that the subscriber "OPTS-IN" to that offer and thereby agrees and assents that the subscriber's personal information, including its email address and data may be used for that matter or disclosed to third- parties.

More specifically, other offers may be presented to the subscriber via email campaigns or other means of communications with a pre-selected preference or choice. If the subscriber does not deselect the pre-selected preference of choice i. If the grrat deselects the pre-selected preference then no personal information about the subscriber may be disclosed to any third-party service or content provider.

This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations including the police and governmental authorities for the purposes of protection against fraud or any other kind of illegal activity whether or not identified in the Terms Of Service.

It is PornHub. We ask you not to share your password with. Unfortunately, the transmission of information are u 2238 sexynice smile slender great legs and butt the Internet is not completely secure.

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