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Was this useful to you? Help others and share. This calculator is for ethnic Chinese children.

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This application is for preschoolers, children and teens with an age of 3 to 18 years. This calculator determines child height percentile based on age.

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Height is measured when the child is standing vertical. The percentile describes how a child's height compares to other children.

The percentile reports the percentage of children that have a height less than the measured child. For example out of a total group of children, a percentile value of 80 percent means the child measures asian girl height than 80 children and measures less than the other 20 children.

A percentile value below 50 percent means a child is shorter asian girl height average. A percentile value greater than 50 percent means a asiaj is taller than average. Measurements outside of this range does not mean a child is short or tall.

A doctor should be consulted to determine growth status. Link to Article. After two years, it is recommended to return to the CDC charts.

Use this calculator at your own risk. This calculator may or may not be accurate or reliable.

By using this calculator you acknowledge any reliance on this calculator shall be at your sole risk. AJ Design Software: