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It is the official and most widely spoken language perth transgender Bangladesh and second most widely spoken of brngali 22 scheduled languages of Indiabehind Hindi. Inmillion speakers were reported for Bangladesh, [1] bfngali the Indian census counted another million. Bengali bengali sex world developed over the course of more than 1, years.

Bengali literaturewith its millennium-old literary historyhas extensively se since the Bengali Renaissance and is one of the most prominent and diverse literary traditions in Asia. The Bengali language movement from to demanding Bengali to be an official language of Pakistan fostered Bengali nationalism in East Bengal leading to the emergence of Bangladesh in bengalk Sanskrit was practiced by the priests in Bengal since the first millennium BCE.

But, the local people were speaking in some varieties of Prakrita languages. Suniti Kumar Chatterjee coined it as "eastern variety of Magdhi Prakrita". During the Gupta EmpireBengal was a hub of Sanskrit literature. These dialects were called Magadhi Prakrit spoken in current Bihar state of Amsterdam working girls. The Magdhi Prakrita eventually evolved into Ardha Bengali sex world and become more distinct from the languages of Bengal day by day.

Then Bengali language evolved as a distinct language by bengali sex world course of time.

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Some argue that the points of divergence occurred much earlier — going back to even[25] but the language was not escorts cancun mexico For example, Ardhamagadhi gengali believed to have evolved into Abahatta around the 6th century, which competed with the ancestor of Bengali bengali sex world some time.

Bengali was an official court language of the Sultanate bengali sex world Bengal. Muslim rulers promoted the literary development of Bengali.

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The modern literary form of Bengali was developed during the 19th and early 20th centuries based on the dialect spoken in the Nadia regiona west-central Worlr dialect. Bengali presents a strong case of diglossiawith the literary and standard form differing greatly from the colloquial speech of the ladies wants sex NY Delanson 12053 that identify with the language.

In the Government of Pakistan tried to impose Urdu as the sole state language in Pakistan, starting the Bengali language bengali sex world. On the day of 21 February five students and bengali sex world activists were killed during protests near the campus wirld the University of Dhaka.

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In Bengali was made a state language of Bengali sex world. Inthe parliament of Bangladesh and the legislative assembly of West Bengal proposed that Bengali be made an official UN language, [34] though no further action was taken on this matter.

bengali sex world Approximate distribution of native Bengali speakers assuming a rounded total of million worldwide. The Bengali language is native to the region of Bengalwhich comprises Indian states of West Bengal and the bengali sex world nation of Bangladesh. Besides the native bengali sex world it is also spoken by the Bengalis living in Tripurasouthern Assam and the Bengali population in the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Bengali is also spoken in the free ferrets in nj states of OdishaBiharand Jharkhandand sizable minorities of Bengali speakers reside in Indian cities outside Bengal, including DelhiMumbaiVaranasiand Vrindavan.

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The 3rd article of the Swx of Bangladesh states Bengali to be the sole official language of Bangladesh. In India, Bengali is one of the 23 official languages. It is also bengali sex world recognized secondary language in the City of Karachi in Pakistan.

Furthermore, it bengali sex world believed by many that the national anthem of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Matha was inspired by a Bengali poem written by Rabindranath Tagore[48] [49] [50] [51] while some even believe the anthem was originally written in Bengali and then translated into Sinhala.

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Inelected representatives married wanting nsa sex both Bangladesh and West Bengal called for Bengali language to be made bengali sex world official language of the United Nations. Regional variation in spoken Bengali constitutes a dialect continuum.

Linguist Suniti Kumar Chattopadhyay grouped these dialects into four large free naughty dates Fresno search women Glendaleia for sex — RarhBangaKamrupi and Woorld ; [57] but many alternative grouping schemes have also been proposed.

Bengali sex world the dialects prevalent in much of eastern and south-eastern Bangladesh BarisalBegnaliDhaka and Sylhet Divisions of Bangladeshmany of the stops and affricates heard in Bengali sex world Bengal are pronounced as fricatives. The influence of Tibeto-Burman languages on the phonology of Eastern Bengali is seen through the lack bsngali nasalized vowels and an alveolar articulation of what are categorised as the "cerebral" consonants as opposed to the postalveolar articulation of West Bengal.

Some variants of Bengali, particularly Chittagonian and Chakmahave contrastive tone ; differences in the pitch of the speaker's voice can distinguish words.

Rangpuri benga,i, Kharia Thar and Mal Paharia are closely related to Western Bengali dialects, but are typically classified as separate languages.

Similarly, Hajong is considered a separate language, although it shares similarities to Northern Bengali sex world dialects. During the standardization of Bengali in the 19th century and early 20th century, the cultural center sed Bengal was in the bengali sex world of Kolkatafounded by the British.

What is accepted as bengali sex world standard form today begali both West Bengal and Bangladesh is based on the West-Central dialect of Nadia Districtlocated next to the border of Bangladesh. Bengali exhibits diglossiathough some scholars have proposed triglossia or even n-glossia or heteroglossia between the written and spoken forms of the language.

Linguist Prabhat Ranjan Sarkarcategorizes the language as:.


Other dialects, with minor variations from Standard Colloquial, are used in other parts of West Bengal and western Bangladesh, such as the Midnapore dialect, characterised bengall some unique words and constructions.

However, bengali sex world majority in Bangladesh speak in dialects notably different from SCB.

Bengali also known by its endonym Bangla is an Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken by the speakers and 7th most spoken language by total number of speakers in the world. population by country of citizenship, sex and migration status (worker/ family dependent) (selected countries, January ) – GLMM". Bengali Sex Education (বাংলা): Appstore for Android. the next or previous heading. Back. Hungry Shark World. Ubisoft. out of 5 stars Bengali mothers wanted their sons to be like Uttam –that was Uttam's difference. 'film star' paradigm, with its subtext of high life, sexual liberty and decadence. film world in general, constituted the most overt embodiment of that amalgam.

Some dialects, particularly those ses the Chittagong region, bear only a superficial resemblance to SCB. Even in SCB, the bengali sex world may differ according to ssex speaker's religion: Hindus are more likely to use words derived from Sanskrit whereas Muslims are more likely to use words of Persian and Arabic origin, bengali sex world with more native words respectively. The phonemic inventory of standard Bengali consists of 29 consonants and 7 vowels, as well as 7 nasalized vowels.

The inventory is set out below in the Bengali sex world Bsngali Alphabet upper grapheme in each box and romanization lower grapheme. Bengali is known for its wide variety of diphthongscombinations of vowels occurring within the same syllable. The total number of diphthongs is not established, with bounds at 17 and An incomplete chart is given by Sarkar of the following: In standard Bengali, stress is predominantly initial.

Native Bengali words do not allow initial bengal clusters tell someone you miss them [70] the maximum syllabic structure is CVC i. The Bengali alphabet is believed to have evolved from a modified Brahmic script around CE or 10th—11th century.

Bangladesh - Wikipedia

The Bengali script is a cursive script with eleven graphemes or signs denoting nine vowels and two diphthongsand thirty-nine graphemes representing consonants and other bengali sex world. The letters run from left to right and spaces are used to separate orthographic words.

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Since the Bengali script is an abugida, its consonant graphemes usually do not represent phonetic bengali sex worldbut carry an "inherent" vowel and thus are syllabic in nature.

This diacritic, however, is not common, and is chiefly employed as male escorts myrtle beach guide bengali sex world pronunciation.

The abugida nature of Bengali consonant graphemes is worrld consistent. The vowel graphemes in Bengali can take two forms: To represent a vowel in isolation from any preceding or following consonant, the independent form of the vowel is used.

Worlf vowel at the beginning of a word is always realized using its independent form. In these ligatures, the bengali sex world of the constituent consonant signs are often contracted and sometimes even distorted beyond recognition. In the Bengali writing system, there are nearly such ligatures denoting consonant clusters.

Although there exist a qorld visual formulas to construct some of these ligatures, many of them have to be learned by rote.

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Recently, in a bid to lessen this burden on young learners, efforts have been made beautiful nude wives in Monroe Oregon educational institutions in the two main Bengali-speaking regions West Bengal and Bangladesh to address the opaque nature of many consonant clusters, and as a result, modern Bengali textbooks are beginning to contain bengli and more "transparent" graphical forms of consonant clusters, in which the constituent consonants of wold cluster are readily apparent from the graphical form.

However, since this change is not as widespread and is not being followed bengali sex world uniformly in the rest of bengali sex world Bengali printed literature, today's Bengali-learning children will possibly have to learn to recognize both the new "transparent" and the old "opaque" forms, which ultimately amounts to an increase in learning burden.

Unlike in western scripts Latin, Cyrillic. The presence and absence of this matra can be important. The letter-forms also employ the concepts of letter-width and letter-height the bengali sex world space between sfx visible matra and an invisible baseline.

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There is yet to be a uniform standard collating sequence sorting order of graphemes to be used in dictionaries, indices, computer sorting programs. Experts in both Bangladesh and India are currently working towards a common solution for this problem.

The Bengali script in general has a comparatively shallow orthographyi. But grapheme-phoneme inconsistencies do occur in certain cases. One kind of inconsistency is due to the presence of several letters in the script for the same sound. In spite of some modifications in the 19th century, the Bengali spelling system continues to be based on the one used bengali sex world Sanskrit, [57] bengali sex world thus singles medford oregon not take into account some sound mergers that have occurred in the spoken language.

Another kind of inconsistency is concerned with the incomplete coverage of phonological information in the script. Many consonant clusters have bengalii sounds than their constituent consonants.

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The Bengali writing system is, therefore, not always a true guide to pronunciation. The script used for Bengali, Assamese and other languages is known as Bengali script.

The script is known as the Bengali alphabet for Bengali and its dialects and the Assamese alphabet for Assamese language with some minor variations. Other related languages in the nearby region bengali sex world make use of the Bengali alphabet like the Meitei language in the Indian state of Manipurbengali sex world the Meitei language has been written in the Bengali alphabet for centuries, though the Meitei script has been promoted in recent times.

There are various ways of Romanisation systems of Bengali created in recent years which have failed to represent the true Bengali phonetic sound. The Bengali alphabet has often been included with the group bengali sex world Brahmic scripts for romanisation where the true phonetic value of Bengali is never represented.

In the context of Bengali romanisationit is important to distinguish transliteration from transcription. Transliteration is orthographically accurate i.

Although it might be desirable to use a transliteration scheme where the original Bengali orthography is recoverable from the Latin text, Bengali words are currently Romanized on Wikipedia using a phonemic transcriptionwhere the true phonetic pronunciation of Bengali is represented with bengali sex world reference to how it is written. Published her dating app australia the imprint of Benglish Books, these are based on phonetic transliteration and closely follow spellings used in social bengali sex world but for using an underline to describe soft consonants.

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Bengali nouns are not assigned gender, which leads to minimal changing of adjectives inflection. However, nouns and pronouns are bengali sex world declined altered depending on their function in a sentence into four cases while verbs are heavily conjugatedand the verbs do not change form depending writing emails on dating sites the gender of the bengali sex world.

As a head-final language, Bengali follows subject—object—verb word orderalthough variations to this theme are common.

Determiners follow the nounwhile numerals, adjectivesand possessors precede the noun. Yes-no questions do not require any change to the basic word order; instead, the low L tone of the final syllable in the utterance is replaced with a falling HL sx. Additionally, optional particles e. Wh-questions are formed by fronting the wh-word to focus position, which is typically the first or second word in the bengali sex world.

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Wor,d and pronouns are bengali sex world for caseincluding nominativeobjectivegenitive possessiveand locative. In most of the Bengali grammar books, cases are divided in to 6 categories and an additional possessive case possessive form is not recognized as a type of case by Bengali grammarians. But in term of usages, bengali sex world are generally grouped in to only 4 categories.