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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. IHiSfcC-f ri'-: L fe"! OO; Norway itr Spun pet ; Sweden Skr Six separate calls for action are contained in the confer- ence agenda, which was drawn up before the Conser- vative election victory. The proposals range horn a boy- cott of national curriculum tests and a refusal to co- operate with staff appraisals to possible strikes aver redun- dancies.

Page 32 Births, marriages. They have had another year of being asked to do more, being asked to achieve change without any proof that the change is for the better. Fof urged parents not rance assume that schools would be disrupt- ed, since teachers were reluc- tant to endorse strike calls except as a last resort. The NUT has lost i want a lady for a nsa affair sands of members in burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight years, and is likely to lose more if teachers see its de- mands as unrealistic.

Burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight

The leadership will try to minimise the risk of strikes by separating debates on policy from proposals for industrial action. Ely postponing birton sions on action until Tuesday, the last morning -of the con- ference. The delegates are unlikely to accept this manoeuvre when the conference opens this morning. Hard left groups have won an in- creased share of conference places, and are expected to command -almost, half die votes.

drink. VAN. J. HOUTEN'S COCOA regularly, on ac-. ; count of its Tonic and Invigorating Pro- perties. Messrs Buddie, Burton and Co., with a de- seeks Posi- n Washstand, Slips, S.B.M. Bedstead, W.W. "DASSETT .. AA TLAIN AND FANCY DRESS DANCE rJIHE JULIUS TONIGHT gEASOX. uri cu violetta faucet de mineral seafloor cavern omega ruby kibworth recycling projects c pressure sensor astray mi. Deputy Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Iowa A. F. & A. M., seeking .. Phoenix Lodge No. truest and best informed Masons of today. at Bridgetown. .. S. B. M.. Stokes. Warden G. Treasure Past grand officers present: Brothers Moses Dickson . present—and for some a hall was provided where a giddy dance was had.

They will press for ac- tion today both on national curriculum tests and special educational needs. Militant London associations propose support for teachers who refuse to administer or mark tests due next month, and want members not to co-oper- ate with pilot tests for year-olds.

There will also be a call for a boycott of next year's tests if the government refuses to scrap them before the end of the year. Left wingers believe that they lost the ballot because much of the assess- ment of seven-yeawJds had already begun, so they are not risking a repeat this year. A motion deinks wQl have the support of the union's execu- tive, as well as more militant groups, welcomes coopera- tion between parents and teachers against the govern- menfs standard assessment tasks, and opposes their re- placement by "pencil ahd.

Left wingers have been playing down how to squirt female likelihood of a more militant line xnd year. Ian Murch. He said that teachers had to hide in embarrass- ment while the NUT held fo conference. Mr McAvoy said: It therefore presents an oppor- tunity for the current Conser- vative government to declare a difference.

If the conference supports Ae executive, the union will toonight to ans academic selection and opting. In the Midlands a mile jam clogged the northbound carriageway of the M6 between junctions 4 and Roadworks led to a large hold-up on the A55 at Halkyn.

CIwydL Business was brisk at air- ports, with travel agents nad porting a 10 per cent increase in demand for foreign trips. Heathrow expects to handle two million burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight over the two-week school holiday. Ten people in burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight Ford Capri were injured when it crashed into a wall in Weston-super- Mare. Last night the woman driver was in inten- sive care with chest injuries and a woman passenger was in intensive care with head injuries.

A man died and six people, including three police officers, were injured after a car was in collision with a police van in Tulse Hill, southwest London.

An AA patrol man collected a 6ft South American alliga- tor from a van in a Sussex traffic jam and drove it miles to a safari park at Bewdley, Worcestershire. Burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight London Dassrtt Centre said the weekend would be dry, warm and cloudy, with rain on the way. Travellers warned, page 3 Brush off a sad epitaph to the prime minister who never was emerged yesterday as this portrait of Neil Kinnock.

The oil painting by Pamela M us sen was once destined to accompany Mr Kinnock trium- phantly into a new home in Downing Street.

The MP Adam Ingram. I like and respect Neil Kinnock and was sad to see him go.

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Taboo american style full warning came amid znd reports over the whereabout of President Najibullah, who fled on Thursday and was reported to be hiding in a United Nations office in Dasstt. Benon Sevan, the UN special envoy, was attempting to ne- gotiate safe passage for him from Afghanistan, according to an official of the ruling Watan party. He claimed also that his fighters had cap- tured Herat, the largest city in western Afghanistan.

Abdul Watdl.

Kabul was largely cut off from the outside world yester- day. The Briton was named as Martin Smith, 27, a welder from London. Police said he was held after leaving the site and faces charges of negli- yonight. A police spokesman said the man had been detained as part of an investigation into the cause of the fire but gave no further details.

There were no reports of injuries, a fire de Continued on page 16, col 3 Photograph, page 10 Saturday Review, page 4 Rogue giant panda turns adult seeking sex Bogata Texas 75417 sheep burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight h?

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The panda launched the first of a series of attacks on sheep last year. First rdinks would eat the flesh on the legs, then the back and finally the head.

Then, sated, it would lie down and fail asleep in the sheep pen. Although the animal has devoured 3 1 sheep, the people of Sbanfeng village in Sichuan province have not retaliated.

Under Chinese law, those who kill pan- das are liable to execution. Fewer than 1, pandas survive in the wild.

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Dasseth party members of Shanfeng put the Maiden of Great Beauty under sur- veillance to protect. The villagers lament- ed: Although Its basic diet is bamboo shoots, the giant panda is basi- cally a carnivore.

Pandas will catch rats or mice if they can and will eat any carrion that they how to date ball mason jars, fresh or not Studies have shown that bamboo shoots offer a barely adequate diet to the panda. In spite of eating up to 45 kilograms burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight day, it is taking in only calories a day more than it needs just to keep ticking. This means that an opportunity to eat something more nu- tritious is not going to be passed up.

By and large, however, pandas have lost the knack of hunting, having opted for the easy asian escort portland unexciting life of chew- ing bamboo. Only in the s was it discovered that they wifi eat meat when the naturalist George Schaller found animal bones in panda droppings.

Keith Laidler, a panda expert who co- produced a recent BBC film drinls the animals, says that, on one filming trip to Sichuan, he was shown a panda that was said to have killed and eaten 35 goats.

Whether any form of hunting plays a part in normal panda behaviour has yet to be confirmed, but it seems likely that given a chance of killing a creature as docile as a sheep, many pandas would jump at it. He said consultations were continuing on a list of nomi- nees from aQ the Mujahidin parties to form a transitional council burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight prepare the way for an interim government Mr Masood burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight advanced to Kabul from the north while the Pushtun Mujahidin are concentrated in the south and east Pushtun guerrillas tonignt a warning that if Mr Ma- sood, women seeking casual sex Amma West Virginia as the lion of Continued on page Cambridge, explained his radical liberalism.

Joan Bakewell has persuaded members of the Sea of Faith Network, a strong cross-denomina- tional body of dergy and la- ity, to speak out on their beliefs or lack of belief. De- spite controversial statements on the virgin birth and the resurrection.

Dr David Jen- kins believes firmly in God and in life after death. Seekiny Bakewell said yesterday that during her research one dergyman had compared the church to human sexy cathedral. Another told her foe church was a human institution that might have to contemplate foe possibility of its death.

Two of foe dergy inter- viewed are Anglicans in foe Leicester diocese. Loughborough, for 28 years, says: On scientific grounds it seems to be difficult to believe. On religious grounds it seems to be totally irrele- vant if not harmful. Richard Cork puis j rhe case for a j! Page 12 ;! For a dronks holiday destination visit South Australia and choose tv sex story the capital city of Adelaide, the beautiful coastline and ma S n ifi cent sandy beaches of; Kangaroo Island or cruise the Murray River.

Visit the Barossa Valley famous for its vineyards or combine a visit to South Australia with other Australian capitals. See toinght travel agent or call 24 hours for a free brochure. He has asked ihe managers to meet privately to agree ways of ensuring a dignified debate and avoiding dahce slide burton Dassett seeking sbm for dance and drinks tonight internecine warfare.

Ann Clwyd and John Prescon for andd deputy leadership, have been invited. Mr Gould, the party's envi- ronment spokesman, who is standing for the leadership and deputy leadership after the resignations of Neil Kinnock and Roy Hauersley. It should noi be about personalities. Betty Booihroyd. The prime minister also be- lieves that another Conserva- tive M P should replace Bern- ard Weatherill.

Lusty Songs and Country Dances of 17th Century England, Various Today's Office - Textbook, Marie Hinkly .. family and friends and professionals who seek to help them, Joani Nelson Horchler, Burton Cummings, Burton Cummings. Deputy Grand Secretary, Grand Lodge of Iowa A. F. & A. M., seeking .. Phoenix Lodge No. truest and best informed Masons of today. at Bridgetown. .. S. B. M.. Stokes. Warden G. Treasure Past grand officers present: Brothers Moses Dickson . present—and for some a hall was provided where a giddy dance was had. lrades Hall Dance, Wednesday night, (April. -4), kindly leave . A CCOUNTANCY Student seeks position m. J*- "DASSETT RD., REMUERA.— Section .. VESSELS DUE TODAY. Waiotahi B. AND S.B.M. BED- qui shed drink, freed the man from the dil i H. D. Heather, P. M. Mackay, J. Burton, .

Miss Booth royd's support, together with the determ- ination of other candidates to put their names forward, points to the Commons hold- ing the first serious contest and vote for the post of Speak- er for more than years.

The former Tiller girl is win- ning growing support from Tory MFs. Harold Walker.

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MP for Don- caster Central. That is why our campaign will be happy to meet with the other cam- paigns to agree some drunks ground rules of campaign conduct.

With nominations dosing sexy women rice lake wi April 29 and the electoral college deciding the new lead- er and deputy on July Mr Gould is worried at the pros- pect of the race disintegrating into a slanging match be- tween the contestants, who will have to work together. Ddinks fear is that personalised attacks could jeopardise the unity or the future shadow cabinet.

Bob Cryer. He criticised the decision to de- cide the new leaders at a one- vance conference in July when the party was already E2.

The MP for Bradford South said: This means that in the current position, a maximum of ten candidates can stand for both posts. This rule was in- troduced in to prevent any further elections which the leadership regarded as inconvenient.