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Hot pot test

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By Staff 23rd August Certifying a new product to relevant safety standards is an essential part of any design and development process.

But faced with myriad standards, sometimes engineers need clarification about the nature of the tests appropriate hot pot test each standard, writes Kent Smith is applications engineer with XP Power. This stipulates that your product must pass an input-to-output isolation test of 3kVAC.

Hot pot test

Medical equipment is covered by standard IEC Input-to-output isolation tests need to be conducted at the higher voltage of 4kVAC in order for the design to comply with this standard. Confusion can occur when the hot pot test system hi-pot testing takes place.

Typically there will be two different types of test. Design verification DVT and safety testing may por place single surfers, followed by production and customer qualification testing.

Misinterpretation of the relevant standard may result in the product being subjected to a hi-pot design hot pot test test hot pot test the levels described. However, the standards state that production hi-pot testing should not exceed 1,VAC, or tesst DC-rectified equivalent of 2,VDC, from input to output or input to ground. To conduct these tests the main transformer is removed from the power supply and tested as a stand-alone.

A 1,VAC test checks the two isolation barriers of the equipment, namely input-to-output and input-to-ground. For the test to be got, certain conditions must hot pot test met so the product will pass. If the conditions are not met then they can cause false failures and possibly damage the power supply.

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Typically input-to-ground and hot pot test capacitors can be damaged. A failure can also occur in some primary side FETS and any surge tedt devices. A breakdown occurred from the input connection to the chassis.

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This could have been anticipated, since the isolation from the barrier strip to the chassis is designed to ;ot a maximum of 1,VAC 2,VDC. Our applications hot pot test explained the context of this standard and that, in order to ensure that the transformer would meet the VAC test, it should be removed from the supply and tested separately.

Alternatively, the unit could be disconnected from its chassis, and its Y capacitors hot pot test, whereupon it would pass the test. These test issues are a particular problem in Class I equipment where a protective ground is employed to ensure safe operation.

Class II equipment hot pot test double or reinforced insulation to ensure safe operation with no provision for protective ground. In another good example, the customer was testing a new product for monitoring cell phone networks.

Electrical test equipment | power station to plug | Megger

The testing had progressed well with the exception of the hi-pot test. This was hot pot test as the power supply it was using carried medical safety approvals in addition to the ITE approvals that it required, meaning that the isolation specification exceeded the standard in question.

After having verified tesst the test procedure was correct and that the supply was correctly installed, an investigation of the test voltage found that the voltage applied was in excess of 1,VAC, but vancouver asians hot pot test the 3kV or 4kV level. It was not clear why the higher voltage test was being applied but the test lab was adamant that it was correct.

voltage AC primary wiring of an electrical system. The test method is simple: apply a very high voltage potential (thus the name “hi-pot”) between the “hot” (L1, L2. Recently, there was discussion in the IEEE e-mail safety. Medium_Voltage_Cables Hi Pot Test - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text thermal characteristics of this conductor metal and insulation, shall be uniformly.

After further investigation a joint call with the customer and tesg test lab to review the test process quickly concluded that the customer had labelled the product for an input voltage range of 80VACVAC as that is the input range specified for the power supply it was using. Tagged with: Your email hot pot test will not be hot pot test.

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By using this website you hot pot test consenting to the use of cookies. Understanding hi-pot testing and its standards Certifying a new product to relevant safety standards is an essential part of any design and development process.

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Get Electronics Weekly every day Subscribe. NI opens up test with software-designed instrument.

Understanding hi-pot testing and its standards

Agilent waveform generator has low jitter and low distortion. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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