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I Want Sex Hookers How to say marry me in russian

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How to say marry me in russian

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Say "Will you marry me" in Russian!

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Marriage Proposal Lines. Davay pravedyom astatak zhyzni vmeste. Ya khachu sastaritsa s taboy.

How to say marry me in russian ne magu pretstavit' svayu zhizn' bes tebya. Kagda ty ryadam, ya chufstvuyu sebya zavershonym. Ya ne panimal, kak pusta byla maya zhyzn', paka ne fstretil tebya. Teper' ya znayu, shto ty i ya distvitel'na sozdany, shtoby byt' vmeste. Annie Seattle sex khatel by, shtoby ya mok dat' tebe fsyo, no nadeyus', shto etava kal'tsa dastatachna.

Sdelayesh li ty menya samym shchaslivym chelavekam na zemle? Akazhesh li ty mne chest' stat' mayey zhenoy?

How to say marry me in russian

Ya khachu but' s taboy fsegda. Ty ta, kavo ya zhdal fsyu svayu zhizn'. Nam prednaznachena byt' vmeste. Rrussian vyydesh za menya? Show 25.

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Got a complicated question? Try asking your teacher how to say marry me in russian My Teacher Messenger. I love you very much and ask you to be my wife. All I want is you were my wife. I give you my hand and my heart. All I pray for God is you saying "Yes! I wish it so badly! Kak sIl'-no yA ha-chU E-to-vo! Be my wife! Bud' ma-yEy zshe-nO-yu! VEEy-di za me-nyA zA-muzsh! We are created for each. Say "Yes! Mee sOz-da-nee drug dlya drU-ga.

Ska-zshI da. I dream about the day when we'll be one family. I consign you my heart and ask for your consent.

How to say "Will you marry me" in Russian? - English-Russian translation

We feel so good. Let's make a family. Nam tak ha-ra-shO vmEs-te. Da-vAy soz-da-dIm sem-yU. I want we always be. Let's go through life. Da-vAy pray-dyOm po zshIz-ni vmEs-te.

Marriage Proposal Lines in Russian | RussianPod

I want so badly we had a real family. Ya tak ha-chU, chto-bee u nas bee-lA nas-ta-yA-sha-ya sem-yA. Let's create a real family.

Da-vAy soz-da-dIm nas-ta-yA-shu-yu sem-yU. I want so much you married me. Da-vAy seeg-rA-yem svAd'-bu.

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Stan' ma-yEy zhe-nO-yu. My heart belongs to you evermore. Bud' mA-yEy zshe-nOy. We love each other so much! Mee tak lyU-bim drug drU-ga!

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Ya tak lyub-lyU te-byA. I dreamt about this day all my life. Ya mech-tAl ob E-tom dne vsyu sva-yU zshisn'.

Home / Basic Russian vocabulary / Russian love phrases So men say: Выходи́ за меня́! [vy-ha-dée za mee-nyá] Marry me! Or: Ты вы́йдешь за меня́ за́муж?. Need to translate "will you marry me" to Russian? Here's how you say it. Take an exciting journey to find out why study Russian. Advanced Russian and Russian For Beginners. Flexible learning techniques according to your needs.

Finally I want to tell you this: When I met you for the first time I understood: Jow nav-seg-dA. I need you so. I can't live without you. Ya ne ma-gU bez te-byA zshit'. Ya skha-zshU po te-bE su-mA. Tee svO-dish me-nyA su-mA. I will live just for you.

Ya bU-du zhit' dlya te-byA. All I do is just for you. VsyO, chto ya dE-la-yu, lish dlya te-byA od-nOy. I want to give you all this world! Ya ga-tOv pa-da-rIt' te-bE rusaian mir! Say that you love me!

Ska-zshI, chto lyU-bish me-nyA!

How to say marry me in russian

I feel so good next to you. Mne tak ha-ra-shO sto-bOy. Never in my life I felt myself so good. Mne ni-kog-dA v zshIz-ni nE-bee-lo tak ha-ra-shO.

You became everything for me! Tee stA-la dlya me-nyA vsem! My happiness, did I really find you? I thank God that I met you. Ya bla-ga-da-ryU bO-ga, chto vstrE-til marry. Thanks God he sent you to me.

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