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I need some friends damnit

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Damnit, I have to be social.

January 30, 6: I've avoided it like the plague, but I've come to the realization that I will NOT email, call, tinder c, or visit people as much as I want to. I need some friends damnit is the answer since all the different compartmentalized cliques I know from the old people in my family to my luddite friends to my former Marine Corps units to people in everyday life are on it.

Everybody uses it to communicate, and I think I need some friends damnit need it. I NEED to keep my jill crosby spiritual singles life totally separate from my offline life. Can this be done with Facebook? Can only people I approve see my Facebook page, my vitals age, location, etcmy Facebook usage, my friends, etc?

I've looked through previous askme questions hoping to get privacy advice.

I need some friends damnit

They seem to be about very specific issues the user is plagued with…or a question regarding privacy i need some friends damnit general. I want to know if I can setup a Facebook account and keep the information i want private.

I want to know if using "lists" works. I want to know how not to have people from one "list" see stuff that is intended for people from another "list".

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What privacy settings should I use? How up-to-date must my contact info be?

What contact info will they require? Is that even possible?

My wife needs friends, damnit. — Penny Arcade

What things can I do to insure that my account doesn't get hacked besides general password safety precautions? Should I use it from an ipad?

Should I use a 3rd party app to access Facebook? Also…should I sign up as an individual user like most people do, or as "local business", i need some friends damnit, product, or organization", or eome, band, or public figure". I looked into nwed, and I won't violate any of the TOS if I sign up as one of several options in the three choices.

Is there any benefit to doing it? Would I still have to disclose all sorts of personal information? I have heard of individual users getting booted for not using their real name, i need some friends damnit giving false information. Any tips?

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Any tips in general? Besides metafilter and a few other sites where I keep this same username, I haven't given out any information that would make it easy to find me in meatspace.

I want to keep it that way unless I "friend". How seriously will joining Facebook compromise that?

Taekwoon just wants some friends damnit | Archive of Our Own

ANY i need some friends damnit on Facebook privacy, information, nosey people, privacy etiquette, will be well appreciated. In fact, any related Facebook tips would be appreciated as. Thanks mefites. And I know I don't have to mention that anecdotal comments regarding any of the above concerns friendds appreciated here as.

I need some friends damnit

You can i need some friends damnit whatever you want to do by organizing your friends into different groups, and then assigning privacy permissions for each group. You can also block your profile from being indexed by Google but not comments on FB groups. So yes it is possible. Facebook privacy settings are flexible enough to do most or all of what you want, but arguably not massage envy victorville and simple enough that you should expect to just set up your account and l it work the way you want off the bat without you making any mistakes.

So I suggest an incremental approach, so sme you start with a bare-bones account, no contact info, and have been i need some friends damnit facebook with that a while and have the hang of how it works before you start adding any info that you want to ensure isn't widely available.

You'll feel better about lists and other privacy methods if you know their limits from firsthand experience, rather than counting on your understanding of someone else's explanation of their own understanding be a perfect match for how the system actually works.

Yes, pseudonyms are against policy, but I'd suggest using one anyway, since friendss sounds sufficiently important to you. If you can pick a pseudonym that isn't an obvious fake to a stranger, you should be fine.

I need some friends damnit

What you may not expect is that people who are your friends can share photos you post, links you post, posts you post, and that anyone they are friends with will be able to see. Further to Kokoryu, here's fiends slide deck by one of my colleagues describing exactly how to do it i need some friends damnit the title is directed at people working for IBM, but there's really nothing about it at all that anyone couldn't.

It's very useful for maintaining the separate speheres you need. Every time you post a discrete item photos, lists of friejds you had for breakfast.

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There will be a button with a padlock on it. You can either individually samnit everyone you want NOT to see it, or set prefab lists "work", "family". Facebook allows for "applications", 3rd-party-written applets and. Some of i need some friends damnit are essentially phishing scams, some are legitimate. None of them are essential to singles events ri Facebook, and for your purposes I think you'd be fine without ever touching one.

When you click through to use one, Facebook will show an intermediate screen showing what kind of information the application is requesting, and giving you the option to cancel i need some friends damnit request before giving the information. Doesn't make a difference.

I'd think that signing up under one of these would probably compromise most of your goals of maintaining a fairly high level of privacy.

Those are generally accounts that are set up to be for news sharing for fans, easily findable. I've never heard of this, except in cases where it was being done as deliberate impersonation of another person. I know multiple people who use some sort of joke name or alias on Facebook. I have no problems keeping things separate and I have friends from work on there so the lines are pretty blurred.

Firstly, you don't have to give it any more info than backpage north nj escorts name i need some friends damnit plenty of people use pretend or fudged names without problem.

Facebook doesn't need to know how old you are or where you live or work, regardless of how many nosy questions it asks. It always amazes me how many people don't quite get that. i need some friends damnit

Not having any networks or locations assigned or groups or 'likes' or whatever added goes a long way to not being connected to sex dating in mississippi people unexpectedly. I figure that anyone who knows me knows all that stuff anyway, and if they don't then they should either talk to me directly or live in ignorance.

Personally I have an actual photo of myself up there but you can leave it blank or put a photo of something else in your profile as well, keeping in mind that the profile photo is never private.

Everything else can be locked down in the different friends lists pretty easily although it can take some time and it can be difficult to hide your lists of friends. When you add a friend a drop down box appears where you can add them to some or all of the lists you have set up so they never see anything beyond what you i need some friends damnit. I also tell people I'm putting on limited lists that I don't use facebook very much so they're not surprised at the empty profile nees I'm using it daily to talk to i need some friends damnit people, heh.


Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or notes and tags, will be accessible by the public (unless you limit access to a work I have read & understood the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Jonathan Brown · @mrceojb2am. Earning My First Million By Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Joined July Should I have barred the way? Should I have refused to treat you as a friend?' ' Damnit,' I said, 'I was only fourteen.' 'Don't you think I knew that?' 'You knew.

There's a utility in the privacy settings to let you see what your profile looks like as any of your friends, and I also have a fake account I sign into sometimes to i need some friends damnit check. Oh, also you don't have to add every idiot that friends you, and blocking someone makes it look like your account doesn't exist.

Remember that you don't always have control over how public other people are so if you post on their wall it may be seen more widely than you expected although there are setting i need some friends damnit are supposed to hide. But keep your communications as personal messages rather than posted on someone's profile page and they will remain as private as email. I see no reason to be anything other than just a person.

Facebook does apparently like to delete stuff at random so treat it as ephemeral. But you also give them way too much control over anything you upload to your account so I never use it for photos or anything Melbourne woman horny care about.

It doesn't seem to matter how i need some friends damnit the name is with deletions, I know plenty of people with clearly made up names that have been around for years and I was Shelley Cat for two years whereas others with i need some friends damnit ones get shut. The i need some friends damnit way to do it really is start with a blank profile. Use a name as close to yours as you want, add some people as friends and start to interact. Go over the privacy settings regularly they're always changingput however much you're comfortable with and no more on your account and see how it evolves.

It's easier to add more information or reach out to more people as you go than to take something back once it's out although blocking accounts is a great way to fall off their radar.

If you make it so you don't show up in any searches and no one can message or friend you then your account can be basically impossible to find, so there's not a lot to be lost by trying it out for ladies want nsa PA Glen riddle lima 19063.

If there's something sensitive that you don't want the world to see, don't post it at all. Also re: Just in general. You go to a party, someone takes a photo of you there, they upload it to their Facebook.

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Nothing you post online is ever really private or secret, just easier or harder to find. Not the actual lists that each friend is assigned to, no one can see that but you.

The idea is that admnit lets you know if you know the person and should add. I think it's still possible i need some friends damnit turn off the friends list thing but it's hard, and even then they may have fudged it.

For a while you couldn't hide some other stuff um, smoe you were fans of I think but the new profile has changed all. I find it much easier to just not like or group or fan or free nsa sex contacts new Peabody things, because it's all silly extra crap.

i need some friends damnit

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FB has finally implemented https for browser access. They haven't implemented it for the app.

And you can change the setting so that any photos or videos of you tagged with your name are seen by only you which I think means they disappear altogether although I've never been able to verify thatand you can untag them and make them stay untagged. So there i need some friends damnit no reason why anything anyone else asian bombshell i need some friends damnit you needs to be linked to your account friendz any way, so you're not taking any more risk than you already do every time you leave the house.

And yeah, anything you post can be copied or reposted. Same goes for every other website or place you publish content. This isn't new to facebook.