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Abelie Honeysuckle. Abra Mother of many nations. Abree Mother of many nations. Abri Mother of many nations. Abriana Mother of many nations.

Italian Girl Names

Abrianna Mother of many nations. Abrielle Mother of many nations. Abrienne Mother of many nations. Adalgisa Noble pledge.

Adalina Little noble. Addolorata Sorrows. Adelisa Of the nobility, Noble. Adona My lord. Adreana Dark. Adriana Dark. Adrianna Dark. Adrienna Dark. Agata Good.

Agnella Pure. Agnese Chaste, Pure. Agostina Venerable.

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Aida Happy. Airiana Very holy one. Alba Dawn. Alberta Bright nobility.

Albertina Bright nobility. Albina White skinned. Albinia White skinned.

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Alcee Strong willed. Alcie Strong willed. Alcina Strong willed. Alda Noble. Alegra Joyful. Alessa Defender.

Italian Girls' Names: Le tante sorelle di Isabella - Nameberry - Baby Name Blog

Alessandra Defender of mankind. Alessandrina Defender of mankind. Alessandrine Defender of mankind. Alessia Defender. Aletta Winged. Alexandra Defender of mankind. Alfonsina Noble and ready. Allecra Lively, Mames.

Allegra Lively, Happy. Allegria Lively, Happy. Alma Soul. Alonza Ready for battle. Amadea To love God. Amalea Hard working.

Amalia Hard working. Ambra Amber. Aminta Defender. Andreana Manly. Andreina Manly. Andria Love, Joy. Angel Messenger of God.

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Angela Messenger of God. Angelia Messenger of God. Angelica Messenger of God. Angelina Little angel.

Angeline Little angel. Angiola Messenger of God. Angioletta Little angel. Aniella Little lamb. Anita Grace. Anjelica Angelic.

Anna Gracious. Annah Gracious.

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Annetta Favour, Grace. Annunciata Announces. Annunziata Announces. Annuziata Announces. Anonciada Announces. Antonia Priceless. Antonietta Priceless.

From Ada to Zinnia, find a full list of English Girls names and their meanings online at Englandcom. 25 Most Elegant Baby Girl Names Straight From Italy . an Italian first name which is classic and charmingly old-fashioned, Teresa may fit the. Italian Girls' Names: Le tante sorelle di Isabella Some are quite antique, but just as we have “old lady chic” here, so too do they in Italy.

Anzia One armed. Arabella Answered prayer. Aria Melody. Ariah Lion. Arianna Very holy one. Arietta Melody. Armani Freeman.

Armida Little armed one. Armide Little armed one. Armonda Man in the army.

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Arsenia Virile. Aryana Very holy one. Aryanna Very holy one. Assunta Assumption. Azzurra Sky blue.

Balbina Stammers. Bambi Little girl. Bambina Little girl. Bamhi Little girl. Baptiste Named for John the Baptist. Female Italian Names, Page 1 of meaning, origin, etymology

Battista Named for John the Baptist. Bautista Named for John the Baptist. Beatrice Brings joy. Beatricia Brings joy. Beatrix Brings joy.