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Khmer girl names

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Names are usually chosen to bring prosperity and good fortune for the baby.

Names can also be joined. For example, Chhanny is Chhan moon and Ny light fused together to create moonlight.

It is also gurl noting that Cambodians put the emphasis on the last syllable of the. This is a female name that translates to flowers.

Read our guide to Cambodian names and the 11 most beautiful and While there are specific male and female names, many are unisex so it's. Largest collection of khmer girl names, khmer girl names and meanings, khmer baby girl names. Find khmer girl names list. Cambodian baby Girl names, including some unique, traditional, and most popular names.

This is a male name that means clever or magical. This is another male name that translates to good fortune or success.

Mony is a female name and refers to a precious stone or gem. Narith is a male name and means masculine or manly.

Vivadh means "develop, grow, or going forward". So Sereyvuth means "good growing" Also indicates a type of flower.

It is noted in old Sanskrit text abut a mountain made of corpses. Atop that mountain was a khmer girl names black flower with sweetest scented dew THOL m Khmer. Cambodian Boy Names.

Name By Meaning. Parenting Advice::