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In heterosexual men, pictures kissinng rotting flesh, kissing mens and spoiled food induce the same physiological stress response as pictures of two men kissing each.

Blair of St. Francis Xavier University.

Consequently, we decided kising begin the research kissing mens examining whether or not heterosexuals have negative responses to witnessing same-sex PDAs; in particular, we began by examining heterosexual male responses to male kiseing public displays of affection.

The study was based on results from heterosexual men aged 18 to In both cases, kissing mens responses were significantly different than the responses they had to the neutral stimuli.

It could mean that participants found the images of male same-sex couples kissing to be equally disgusting as the disgusting images.

It could mean that they had an anxiety response to the male couples ,ens and a disgust response to the disgusting images, but that physiologically, we could kissing mens tell the difference between these two emotions. Previous research has found a strong link between sexual prejudice and the emotion of disgust.

For instance, a study found that individuals who are more easily disgusted are also more likely to make kissing mens moral judgments about gay people.

The defense was used by the two men who beat, tortured and murdered gay student Matthew Shepard in It would be interesting for future research to milf gay whether this physiological effect is more likely to kissing mens found in cultures that still evidence high levels of prejudice compared to those who kissingg made more progress towards kissing mens same-sex affection and kissing mens.

The study is the first of its kind, and the researchers hope that future research will strengthen their findings.

There are also some questions that additional research could help answer. For example, kissing mens is difficult to determine whether an elevated salivary alpha-amylase level indicates stress, fear, or anger.

This may help us to understand what emotions were prominent, especially kissing mens those self-reporting higher levels of sexual prejudice. We also need to kissing mens menz different participants men and women, in different locations looking at different targets e.

Each iteration of the study is quite expensive though, due to the collection of physiological data, so it will take some time kissing mens additional funding before we can run each of the iterations that we would like to kissing mens.