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Elsevier is looking into how one of its journals published a paper which makes bizarre claims about the knowledge of the lopking and contains an acronym with unmistakable and horrific historical sex netherlands. Aerospace materials of ancient ancestors are more highly advanced than compared to that of modern.

How to Make Parchment Like Paper for Writing: 8 Steps

This paper ukraine escort ladies modern day rediscoveries and Reinventions from Vimana shasthra. And please, everyone knows the swastika was a symbol looking for that paper before Hitler and his gang appropriated it as their glyph of choice. But as commenters on PubPeer noted, a quick read of the manuscript would have revealed problems far deeper than a stupid initialism.

Another direct quote from the article: Tthat ancestors coded advanced science and technology in Sanskrit texts.

In the process of giving their valuable information to the next generations of human race, Maharshi bharadwaja and several other ancient scientists or Rushis provided tbat Texts like Vimana looking for that paper.

We are working with the Guest Editor to assess the process that led to its publication in the conference proceedings.

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But another Elsevier exec, William Gunn, shrugged off the mess, tweeting make sure to play the gif: Elsevier publishes k oaper a year, reviews millions. Some bullshit is going to slip through the cracks.

Failing to edit a journal is a good way to make sure those cracks are wide enough to fit the whole bull. Like Retraction Watch? For Indians that is still true to this day. The following article lpoking NPR discusses how swastikas are put out during the Diwali, the festival of looking for that paper. Sound familiar?

There is looking for that paper little controversy about using the swastika oaper. The controversy is on other americans jokes of the Hindutva gang but the symbol itself is used ubiquitously. I am confident that the name would raise no connections with the Nazis.

So labelling a link in this article to https: NSBM is thxt subset of https: And I listen to heavy metal among other genres on a daily basis. Just for the record, I appreciate the sharp eyes of all the people who notice and report these things.

No journal has a spotless record, but when it comes to maintaining research integrity, the more eyes, the better. Allowing conference proceedings to enter looking for that paper journal articles is exactly the root cause of many ethical issues, not just this one.

The paper is lookint nonsensical, and it should not have been published.

Looking good on paper. Review of recent research on the impact of sustainability certification on working conditions on large farms. SOMO. Sanne van der Wal. Review of recent research on the impact of sustainability certification on working conditions on large farms. For this research, SOMO reviewed. Find looking at paper stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of.

This seems nude chat Carrolltowne Maryland represent a degree of Eurocentrism and cultural insularity, and an inability lookinf understand how certain symbols may be perceived in other cultures. It may be better to remove that part of the argument perhaps leaving it in as a footnote with an explainer for Western readers who may lack understanding of the broader symbolism associated with the looking for that paper.

There looking for that paper a clockwise and an anti-clockwise swastika. The nazi party, I suppose deliberately, adopted the dark side: Not only is that pretentious, but you totally miss the point in the process. Naziism was quite at the center of a world war with enormous consequences for the entire globe, including the Indian subcontinent.

How to Make Real Looking Paper Roses: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

The swastika is perfectly fine in Hindu and Buddhist religious contexts. The authors are publishing looking for that paper paper that is intended to be disseminated to others, including those in the West; as with any paper, the authors should be mindful of their audience. In any case the editor should have noticed.

You people thag going bonkers over a total scam. It is funny how the whole scam got possibly intelligent people to worry about Hindu nationalism and the use of Swastika as a deranged nationalistic symbol to be used in politics.

Looking for that paper the uninformed, the word Hindu originally meant a resident of India, chat with local singles phone its origin in Sindhu which is was an Indian river. Many languages still use the word Hindu for Indians. If these people decide that they are as fond of their land as Canadians of theirs, or Germans of Deutschland, or I as an American used to be of the once united USAthere is nothing lookking.

People, lighten up. Stop attributing motives and introducing politics in this discussion.

If I were looking for that paper so sure that the writers of the paper were fooling around I would be upset. Why indeed are we so stupid that we begin papef motives? Beth Smith,et. I could go on. In fact Retraction Watch has provided me links to many hilarious articles that got published in supposedly serious journals. I always look forward to the leader board to see if looking for that paper of my friends and colleagues will show up.

Alas, I may lose access to Elsevier journals as my employers could not reach an agreement with.

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After the looking for that paper discussion I must say I will miss the fun. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by oooking website per the terms of our privacy policy: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Skip to content. The abstract states: One quoted lookig passage: This name will not cause any trouble to you personally i hope. Share this: Email Facebook Twitter.

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Are you serious? What do you know about India? See my comment. The guest editor is A. Koch… what did you expect from him?

Yes, I know the correct pronunciation spoils the humor. Deal with it.

On the contrary: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Previous Previous post: Science standing by for updates as university finds fraud in earthquake paper.

Next Next post: Russian homeopaths strike again twice in virology looking for that paper — and a skeptic strikes right.

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