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Male diaper sissy Wanting Sexual Dating

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Male diaper sissy

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Seeking to spoil male diaper sissy who treats me right. I am attached but seeking for a purely physical situation. If so I am available. I'm a 34 year male diaper sissy white male. I am seeking a white fit female 18 to 30 A college student is preferred that is open for discussion to see where it leads.

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Married
Seeking: I Wants Dick
City: Huddersfield
Hair: Blond copper
Relation Type: Couples Searching Grany Sex

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Drop sissy off two to three miles from home.

Here is my list evelynstinky. Sissy must buy diapers, pads, pantyliners, female products in person 3.

Hire babysitter for sissy male diaper sissy. The more people that know you keep sissy in diapeer and why the better, encourage friends to tease her and take pictures 9.

Heavily diaper sssy, plug her, take sissy shopping for diapers. Male diaper sissy sissy walk the rest of the way carrying packages of diapers Chastity cage to be worn with keyholder visibly wearing key on bracelet or anklet Bra must be worn everyday all day Sissy can only gillette female female hygiene products deodorant, body wash, shaving cream, razor, ect.

When stopping for diaper change at rest area, park far away from restrooms and sisssy sissy carry fresh diapers in hand in plain view When going out, sissy must carry fully stocked diapers bag Male diaper sissy not diapered, panties with pad or pantyliner male diaper sissy to be worn When at home no clothing allowed to be worn to cover up diapers Public diapers changes are to be done in regular stall, not behind closed doors of family restrooms Take sissy panty shopping, while diapered, lift up skirt or pull down shorts, hold panties up to diaper to see if they would fit Have sissy ask to be measured for her bra size by store employee male diaper sissy Hire babysitter for sissy Take sissy to get lower back tatoo while male diaper sissy Take sissy male diaper sissy all doctor visits diapered Have sissy watch all of your sexual acts and use her tongue to clean up all involved Have sissy be used as a bukkake target and send her to bed not male diaper sissy her to clean her face Have sissy go to tanning eissy wearing bikini Make a babybook of sissy, filled with pictures taken by you and your friends Take sissy to nail salon, diapered and in short skirt, so when pedicure is being done diapers are visible Put heavy make-up on sissy, have male friends use her face as a cum dump, taking pictures as make-up starts to run New toy.

Posts Likes Following Archive. Relbog if you agree, I know I.

The reasons I love diapees: I agree. Humiliation Ideas for a Sissy Baby. These are male diaper sissy humiliation ideas, some I have sort of experienced, all I want to experience. I would die of joy.

What a great list! Yes Daddy Here is my list evelynstinky 1.

My Diaper bag is ready! Top Photos. Recently Liked.