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At some point, she blacked.

Hours passed. Conservative groups and neighbors who were morally opposed to nakeed bar had been campaigning for it to end its clothing-optional policy for years. As a result, Naked women in new orleans has found herself the target of a smear campaign.

Especially in this circumstance. Those actions violate the very spirit of The Country Club and the people. Treme says she never intended for the bar to kn its clothing-optional policy by going public with her story.

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Now, I feel there is a void. While not shaming the woman, just how did she get so unconscious? Will alcohol haked blank out so much?

Why the hell did the club allow her and the men to have such open ned which was obvious to the security cameras? Sammy Schlipshit: She was clearly date-raped.

Someone slipped something in her drink. And really, that could have happened to a man.

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Ever hear of rufies? That is absolutely horrifying.

I feel very sorry for the poor woman. It definitely sounds like Rohypnol roofies or something similar.

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Got naked which I rarely do as such things and did not have sex. But as she herself said, the clothing-optional policy had nothing to do with her rape.

People get roofied fully clothed at bars all the time. How is it rape when she naked women in new orleans sex with three different people there? And they should use the word alleged until someone has been prosecuted and found guilty. Where was the staff??? The heteros ruined the place for sure. On top of this some idiot straight employee was posting cell phone video of two straights breeding in the driveway of The Country Club.

They used that against them. The French Quarter naked women in new orleans being ruined by breeders and corporations just as fast as San Francisco is.

If it was one person or fifty, rape is rape if the person did not give their consent. The three rapists could have been friends and passed her around, or they were opportunists.

The victim has made a claim of rape, if the ndw are found and tried they are alleged rapists until proven guilty in court. Been. Ummmm Yeah: Now this is naked women in new orleans.

If not to ensure this rule was not broken, why have cameras?

It is regrettable that one such incident turns back a nice tradition in the Quarter. She could of been date raped. For years this place was fine until all the young straight girls started coming in because they thought on naked women in new orleans cool.

Then all the drunk rednecks followed. Shorty after this, it all went to Hell. It happens over and over again at many gay establishments.

The orleabs start coming and then demand the rules change. I have had great conversations with Europeans ,mainly straight male and female, here at the Country Club for years. Many are just Nudist that just naked women in new orleans to enjoy nude sunbathing.

But face it, had it happened at any Bourbon Street Bar, it would have never made the news.

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It was the fact that the LGBT community is associated. Search for: Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of bar clothing gay stories and. IcarusD That is naked women in new orleans horrifying. Ummmm Yeah The heteros ruined the place for sure. Ummmm Yeah jwtraveler: Cobalt Blue A drunken whale in a gay fleabag. Saint Law Ummmm Yeah: You sound lovely. House rentals anthem az Law stanhope: Latest on Queerty.