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This is somatic sex prostate massage oakland which helps clients to increase awareness of their sexuality, and use their sexual energy for healing and transformation.

Clients come prostate massage oakland with various goals such as: Linda helps her clients clarify their goals and designs a program based on the client's specific needs. Most prostste start with a series of sessions and then work with what they have learned.

Clients may then return for individual sessions as needed.

Linda works with individuals, couples and groups. She utilizes the following modalities in her practice and has listed them below in detail prostate massage oakland their benefits: Description of Modalities.

Pelvic Release Massage.

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This massage involves techniques for releasing tension and pain in the pelvic area. Potential benefits of pelvic prostate massage oakland massage: Includes pleasurable and therapeutic techniques for anal maswage, both internal and external—for women and men.

It also employs specific strokes for massage of the male prostate—for health and prostate massage oakland. Benefits of Anal and Prostate Massage: Masturbation Coaching. Linda oaklwnd clients in achieving more pleasure and a different relationship to their bodies during solo sex.

Benefits of masturbation coaching may include: Taoist Erotic Massage. Guiding the client in breathing techniques while applying various forms of erotic touch. Benefits of erotic massage may include: Full-body orgasms may occur, or orgasmic sensations may be felt in other prostate massage oakland of the body i.

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Sex Coaching for Couples. Coaching couples in techniques and attitudes that may help them achieve a more satisfying experience in their lovemaking.

World gay boys of Sex Coaching may include: For more information or to arrange for an appointment, please email: Poelzl earthlink. Linda Poelzl brings over a quarter century of experience to her work along with a multidisciplinary perspective.

My own work with Linda prostate massage oakland formally classified as sexological bodywork but many other arts went to form that.

I found Linda sympathetic, warm, caring, and very concerned with the headspace and emotional well-being of her clients. Within her legal and personal limits she was very accommodating to both my overall goal s and to whatever I might need to move rpostate to prlstate each session. Prostate massage oakland makes frequent well-being check ins with prostate massage oakland clients and asks if changes are needed as.

You will always feel that you have her full attention.

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She is a true healer and genuinely wants to prostate massage oakland. To work most effectively with Linda you should have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve before meeting.

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Also, feel free to ask questions and make requests. I now feel more confident in these areas.

Linda is also very intuitive and works very hard to keep her clients in the moment rather than in their heads. Sexological Bodywork. Jeff A.